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12 Pieces Of Clothing Every Imperial Fresher Should Own

12 Pieces Of Clothing Every Imperial Fresher Should Own

I have to admit that in my experience, packing for university remains quite daunting, while the idea of fitting your entire life into 1 or 2 suitcases is surreal. There are bound to be essentials left behind, purposefully, or as a result of the forming chaos, but nonetheless, there are certain pieces of clothing every Imperial Fresher should own. After October 1st hits, shopping for ‘something forgotten’ will be practically inevitable. Therefore, to help you remember, here are 12 pieces of clothing every Imperial Fresher should own as they start off their freshman year!

1. The basics outfit.

Basics form the fundamentals of your wardrobe and rightfully so, the background for all types of events. They will come in handy during the late night Mingles, Imperial ‘Mums & Dads’ events and will not let you down during casual hangouts in the dorm common room. If you must forget something, at least remember these!


2. The crazy outfit.

I’m pretty sure an ’80s, ’60s or some dress-up event will find its way to you during freshers week, so be prepared to create a bizarre yet cute image! Whether it’s a sequin dress or shiny shirt, don’t leave it behind: worst comes to worst it will be buried deep in your closet for the remaining months.

3. Reminder from home a.k.a. the ugly sweater.

Many people cringe at the thought of a home-made, Bridget Jones style woolly sweater they might have from home. Uncomfortable, itchy – but still having something that carries that Christmas spirit from home. Don’t neglect it, it might be just what will keep you warm (in all senses) through the winter months.


4. Raincoat and Wellingtons a.k.a. the waterproof outfit.

Anyone who is as optimistic as me in terms of London weather, will make some closet room for the outfit that will enable running to the Library, Alexander Fleming building or any other Imperial venue in mid-November. And as rain boots seem to stay in style nowadays, perhaps rain can even facilitate university fashion.


5. The little black dress.

This one is a classic, and like all classics, it is important to be able to count on it. In a crisis situation, when all other items fail, this one will make you look good no matter what the occasion may be.

6. The ball gown.

Not one of the most important things to pack, but if you have some extra room left, take the ball gown: the Imperial freshers’ ball is on the 7th: that might be your chance to go a little crazy and look completely stunning! Then again, if you don’t feel like last minute shopping, any cute top or dress will do, as long as you put on a gorgeous smile.


7. A good pair of jeans.

Jeans go with everything, and nowadays are the easy way out for almost every type of occasion, formal or completely casual. The material will keep you warm in London autumn, and will even remain the acceptable replacement for sweatpants.


8. The date night outfit.

Chances are, when the first weeks go by and ice-breakers do their job, you’ll be on your way to a first date. Don’t tear down your closet right away – find a soft material blouse, funny shirt or casual sweet dress that brings you luck and keep it in store for one of those unique nights!

9. The interview ready look.

Perhaps you won’t need them during freshman year, but maybe a great job will come to you – in any way, you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression, so dressing appropriately can be a large step toward a forming opportunity. Interview clothes should be formal, but don’t overdo it – remain comfortable and you’ll feel more natural and confident.

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10. Heels, definitely.

Even if, like me, you’re more of a Converse and jeans kind of girl, high heels are important for more formal events, or to make a bold statement. Department parties, Imperial formal meetings? Better to be safe than in flats.


11. The woolly scarf.

When December comes, all most of us want to do is curl up in bed with hot chocolate and create the Pinterest holiday atmosphere in our dorm. Scarves are more than just a fashion statement or there to keep you warm: they can make you feel cosy and that’s crucial when winter comes around.


12. Sweatpants and lazy day clothes.

If you’ll be living close to the South Kensington campus, I’m expecting there will come a day where you won’t bother to style up for the 300 m walk to the library. If not for the gym, sweatpants and large t-shirts will come in handy at some point anyway.

Do you have any other ideas for clothing every Imperial Fresher should own? Comment and be sure to share!

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