15 Pictures That Will Make You Wish You Were Starting School At University of Limerick Tomorrow

The University of Limerick is well known for being one of the most beautiful campuses in Ireland. Here’s why it’s so beautiful and why you should be considering it!

1) Walking to lectures every morning is made all the easier at 8:30 am when you know you have such a scenic route.

University of Limerick is equally as beautiful in the summer, when everything is green and lush as it is in Autumn, when the campus is showered in beautiful golden leaves!


2) The Living Bridge

Ireland’s longest pedestrian bridge is located on campus at the University of Limerick and links the campus to the other side of the River Shannon. Although it’s a slightly longer walk for the students living over the river, it’s worth it to walk this everyday.


3) The Health Sciences Building is one of my favourite displays of incredible architecture at the University of Limerick.

This is the first thing you see upon crossing the Living Bridge and is another reason University of Limerick is such a beautiful place to study.


4) Every Tuesday there is a market held in the Students’ Union courtyard, giving students an opportunity to try everything from paella, to sushi to donuts.

It’s not all food here though, outdoor concerts are held here with Wheatus and Sean Kingston being just two of the many acts over the years. Vintage sales and bike maintenance are also here.


5) With the River Shannon flowing through the middle of the UL campus, the floating pontoon is a great spot on a sunny day.

…or even during a sunset like this if you’re lucky.


6) Many people think UL is at it’s best after dark.

…and I think this photo makes a pretty strong case for just that!


7) With over 70 clubs and societies, UL is the place to go if you’d like to find your new hobby while in college.

From Skydiving to Tea Appreciation, you’re sure to find something that suits you.

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8) It has top class facilities, loads of clubs and the river by the side.

UL has the unique opportunity of being able to offer water sports on campus giving students a chance to try something new or keep up old hobbies.


9) Whether you’re getting or staying fit, UL’s state of the art gym, 50m swimming pool, tracks, pitches and diving pool make it a whole lot easier.


10) A quiet morning walk to lectures…


11) Limerick is the proud home of Munster Rugby.

…and with Thomond Park just a short drive away, it’s a must see.


12) With plenty of things to keep you occupied in your free time, Limerick’s museums, art galleries, theatres and history will give you a full cultural experience.

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13) The Graduate Entry Medical School is another display of the beautiful architecture residing in UL.


14) It can be easy to daydream when this is the view out the window!

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“Oh on what little things does happiness depend” 🌞 – Oscar Wilde, The Nightingale and The Rose. . Though if we are calling the Sun a little thing, that would be foolish as the mean radius of the sun is 696,000 kilometers. Or would it? We have found stars 100 times bigger in diameter than our sun. Regardless, the sun is always there, the amount of sunshine we get on campus is dependant on heated subatomic hydrogen particles and ultraviolet rays from the sun that penetrate the earths atmosphere. They are fairly little things. . #Science #WeAreAUniversityAfterall #InstagramDelivering #NicePicsAndKnowledge #ThatWeFoundOnWikipedia #DoNotUseInActualExams #MayBeIncorrect #UsedForComedicPurposes #WhatDoYouMeanWeArentFunny #OscarWilde #StudyAtUL

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15) How many more Universities have castles on campus?

You don’t have to go off the beaten track to find these, just take the river path.

Are you going to the University of Limerick this year?! Let us know down below!

Featured image source: http://www.escapistmagazine.com/
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