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25 Pictures Any Best Friends Can Definitely Relate To

25 Pictures Any Best Friends Can Definitely Relate To

25 Pictures Any Best Friends Can Definitely Relate To

Since being at university I’m sure you’ll have met so many different people along your way to class, in your halls or on the same course as you….However, it isn’t quite the same as when you stumble across those select handful of people that you realise as soon as you meet and start having a conversation you realise that they are going to end up being your best friend. And you know what they say, the friends you make at university will be your friend for life.

1. They’ve always got your back

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2. You can always show your true colours to your bff

Boys vs BFF's

3. Difference between a friend and your best friend

This is so true


4. They accept all forms of your craziness

That's right!!!! To my bestie, Mere! # 10 years of being besties going strong!


5. They’re always around for a good gossip

Her Campus on Instagram | lol | memes | best friends | bitch I'm all ears | spill it6. They’ll support you through all your snacking choices

 7. We’ve probably all been on both sides of this

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8. We’ve all had to be that supportive friend at one stage or another

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best, friends10. Going over to your best friends like…

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11. Looking out for your best friends on nights out like

 12. And you’ll be there on all they’re big moments in life

37 New Funny Pictures You're Going To Love.13. The only way to take a selfie with your bestie is like this

014. Which one are you?

 15. Always look out for your gal on nights out…it’s a crucial act of best friendship

16. When you and your bff have a really good gossip session

 17. They always have a great sense of bad timing

 18. Every sleepover

How You Act Around Your Friends Vs. Your Best Friend19. There’s always that one friend…

Jen20. Because your best friend won’t really care..

im sad because this is accurate

21. How to capture the #bestfriendgoals picture

I really really would like to do these poses with my bestfriend ♥22. There”s no denying it

Sigh.... Why does Pintrest explain my life....23. And they’ll always help you out of difficult or uncomfortable situations

When you need to call in back-up: | 14 Texts You Send Your BFF When You're Way Too Comfortable24. There’s no reason for it…It just happens

 25. Always there for one another

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