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7 Phone Apps All New University Students Need

7 Phone Apps All New University Students Need

7 Phone Apps All New University Students Need

When you think phone apps you usually think “distraction.” There are a countless number of apps that can detract attention from your studies. When you’re starting out, it can be especially challenging to structure your study and work and to adjust to uni life in general. Here are seven phone apps that all new uni students need!

Lost on Campus

All first-year students have been there. You’re feeling your campus out. Maybe the layout feels counter-intuitive. You’re getting nervous because even though you arrived with time to spare (hopefully), it feels like you may not find the room you’re looking for before class starts. Perhaps you’re too anxious to ask anyone for help.

You may start panicking. Once you do, simple things become a lot more complicated. Lost on Campus makes sure this will never happen again. This app provides maps for 42 campuses and over 36,000 locations.


The maps are easy to read, and it’s free. You can type in a specific room number on your campus, and this app will find it for you. It also rates nearby food and coffee places, based on the votes of other students. You can even find vending machines. It’s constantly updated.

myHomework Student Planner

This app helps you keep track of all your assignments, homework, and tests, cataloguing them all in one place. You’re sent reminders about upcoming due dates. Your entire schedule is laid out for you on a calendar. Never miss a deadline.

7 Phone Apps All New University Students Need


The Happiest Hour

This one’s a godsend to any students that need to pinch pennies (all of them). It will find places near you that are offering deals on food and drinks.  You yourself can search by location, time, and type of special (maybe you’re craving some chicken wings?). You can add venues to your favourites list so that you can keep track of what they’re offering.

The Happiest Hour will notify you. It goes without saying that you’ll know where the good happy hours are going on!

7 Phone Apps All New University Students Need


Google Docs/Drive

Accidents will happen. Word crashes. Hard drives become corrupted. You can always count on Google Drive. Write up essays, create presentations, store reading materials, and the main draw: share work with your classmates.

Group projects won’t seem as bad with the help of this handy tool. You work on the document together. You can edit other people’s work, they can edit yours.


We’ve looked at some practical phone apps, this one’s a different kind of practical. Your life’s going to be busy, chocker block even. It’s important to take some time for your self. Time where you’re not working or playing, just relaxing.

Headspace teaches the basics of meditation. You’ll be guided by a soothing voice on how to control your breathing, on how to relax our body, and how to better understand and be more accepting of your thought processes.

7 Phone Apps All New University Students Need


The phone apps that make studying a bit more convenient are the most desirable. No matter your discipline, you’ll inevitably have to write bibliographies and references in your essays. This can be a pain at best and a confusing nightmare at worst. Easybib generates references for you.

Enter the details of the book you want to reference and voila! MLA, APA, and Chicago referencing styles. It’ll also check your citations, grammar, and possible plagiarism. You get the latter features if you pay $9.95 per month.

Documents by Readdle

More of that sweet, sweet convenience. You’ll probably end up having files on several different apps/cloud services (like Google Drive). Documents by Readdle keeps them all in one place. Here, you’ll be able to open and view any type of document, be it Word, PDFs, eBooks… The list goes on.

You can also download any files you want, including videos and music. You can even open video and music files from the cloud without downloading them.

Do these phone apps sound like must-haves for the fresh-faced uni student? Do tell us in the comments!

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