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5 Perks Of Living On A College Campus

5 Perks Of Living On A College Campus

Living on a college campus has so many benefits to both your school life and your social life. And it can also be a lot of fun!

Wondering whether to live on a college campus or not? Living on a college campus has so many benefits to both your school life and your social life. It can be a lot of fun at times, but it can also provide so many practical benefits. Here are the five biggest perks of living on a college campus:

1. You’re never going to be alone

If you’re someone that is likely to suffer from home sickness, it can be really great to constantly be surrounded by people on campus. Not only is there constantly something new going on to keep your distracted, but you’ll be surrounded by so many people in the exact same position as you, constantly reminding you that you’re not the only one. Or even if you’re not the kind of person that feels homesick, living on a college campus will guarantee that there is always something new going on around your that will keep you well entertained during your free time. Particularly if you’re an extrovert, living on a college campus will really let you live your best extroverted life as there are constant opportunities to be around people.

2. You can get from your bed to your classes in less than five minutes

For most campuses, you’ll find that it is a very short walk or bike ride from your room to your classroom. When I was living on my college campus, I could actually see into one of my classrooms from my dorm room window. This meant that I could literally wake up five minutes before my class and still get there early. So if you’re someone who’s not good at waking up in time for class, or just someone that doesn’t like to travel far, living on a college campus is ideal.


3. Endless parties

Living on a college campus might not be quite as wild as they often appear to be in movies, but it certainly can be a lot of fun. No matter where you are on campus, you’re probably never very far away from a party. There are parties going on all the time on college campuses, and weekends are often just a full 48 hours of non-stop singing, dancing, and drinking. If you’re a partier, college campus life is definitely right up you’re street. Just remember to get your assignments done before you hit the parties!

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4. Making friends

Starting college can be incredibly daunting. When we start college, most of us don’t know anybody there and so making friends can be a big worry for a lot of people. Being on a campus means that you’re likely to instantly make friends with a lot of the people you’re living with. You’re all in the same situation and will all be looking to make new friends, so you’ll easily gel together. From there, your confidence will probably grow and you’ll start making friends elsewhere too. But living on a college campus can give you a really good start to making your college friends.


5. Getting home after a night out

Getting home safely from a late night out on the town can be a worry, especially for women. But if you’re all travelling back to the college campus together, you can rest safe in the knowledge that you won’t ever have to travel home alone. Plus, some campuses offer night buses directly from town and city centres back to the campus, so this can be great for getting back to your campus safely and without spending loads of money on a taxi!

So, with a plethora of parties, plenty of people to make friends with, and your classroom only a matter of minutes away, there are so many benefits to living on a college campus. What are your favourite things about living on a college campus? Let us know in the comments!

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