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10 Perfect Occasions For The Smokey Eye Look

10 Perfect Occasions For The Smokey Eye Look

10 Perfect Occasions For The Smokey Eye Look

We all love a smokey eye look, and it’s the ultimate eye makeup trend! Whether we have actually got the talent and skills to pull off the application is a different matter, but we still love the look. From dramatic, to coloured, to natural, to classic, there is a smokey eye look perfect for everyone. Here is a list of the 10 perfect occasions for the smokey eye look!

1. Your Birthday Celebrations!

Go all out on your birthday with a coloured smokey eye. Bright and beautiful, this perfect smokey eye look will have the heads turning as all the attention will be on you. Be dramatic and stand out from the crowd, it’s your birthday after all!


2. An Awards Evening

Sleek and stylish, this classic smokey eye look is perfect for awards evenings. We’re sure this makeup look will make you look classy and elegant with whatever outfit you decide to wear. Wear your hair in a tight, low and middle-parted ponytail for the ultimate sleek hairstyle for this eye makeup to really make a statement and stand out!

3. Night Out

Go all out on a night out with your friends wearing this ultimate night out smokey eye look! This is perfect for the clubs with the smokey effect in the outside corners of the eye, and the metallic colour as the main statement effect. The perfect go-to look for a night out!


4. Black Tie Event

Add a cat-eye to your smokey eye look for the ultimate black tie event. This look will leave you looking classy and sophisticated and your eyes big and bold. You can never go wrong with a bit of cat liner!


5. Prom

The ultimate prom makeup look. Whether your dress is pink, red, blue, purple, yellow, it doesn’t matter. There is a glitter in every shade of colour out there to match your dress! Add glitter to your smokey eye look and look amazing on your prom night. We guarantee you will look and feel like a princess!

6. New Years Eve

It’s time to welcome the new year in with your family and friends. What better way to kick start the new year feeling and looking amazing with the perfect new years eve makeup look?  This classic, dramatic smokey eye look will make you stand out from the crowd as the added little bit of glitter will leave your eyes popping! Complete the look with your favourite pair of dramatic lashes and a nude lip!


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7. Launch Party

What better way to celebrate the launch of a new product than to go to the launch party looking drop dead gorgeous? Wear a smokey eye and watch as the heads turn away from the product straight onto you.


8. Date Night

Wear this subtle and neutral smokey eye look to your date night. This is the perfect natural smokey eye look for a day date and night time date! Just add the winged eyeliner for the perfect evening look! We’re sure your date will not be able to take their eyes off of you!

9. Work Party

Show off your makeup skills at the works annual party! Let’s be honest, nobody goes to the effort to apply a smokey eye to go to work. You don’t want to just turn up looking the same as you do every day! Be brave and bold and we guarantee the compliments from your colleagues will be coming all night!


10. Wedding

The perfect wedding makeup! Subtle and bold at the same time! This ultimate wedding smokey eye isn’t too dramatic as instead of black being used for the smokey effect, it’s more colourful! This stunning eye makeup is not too bright but just the right colour tones for you still make a statement but not steal the glory from the bride!

What are your favourite occasions for the smokey eye look? Share your thoughts in the comments section!

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