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10 Perfect Occasions For A Little Black Dress

10 Perfect Occasions For A Little Black Dress

The one clothing piece a girl can always rely on! The little black dress. Here are the perfect occasions and styling tips for a little black dress.

The genius creation of the little black dress. A girl’s best friend! The simple, single item of clothing every girl has, let’s be honest, and if you don’t own one, then you need to sort that out, it will change your life. The perfect going out outfit, as well as the perfect day outfit, it covers all needs! Dress up, dress down, an LBD always comes in handy for fashion emergencies! Here is a list of the top perfect occasions a little black dress comes in handy!

1. Girls Night Out!

Oh we have all been there, getting ready to go out with your girls, you look in your wardrobe and you end up having a mental breakdown because you have NOTHING to wear. It happens more often than not.

A little black dress will always come in handy in these situations! A little black bodycon, a diamante choker, heels or knee high boots, and a clutch, and you’re good to go! Keeping it simple and sleek, and adding the right accessories can go a long way for a night on the town!


Remember, don’t panic, if you have a little black dress, or even a couple more to choose from, all will be fine! If you don’t own a little black dress and find yourself in this situation, then, yes panic.

2. A Family Party

It’s one of them occasions which screams outfit emergency as you have no idea what to wear. Do I dress up? Do I dress down and wear jeans and a nice top? Do I wear an outfit I’d go to town in? HELP!


The LBD is the answer to your problems. Add a nice little jacket so as you don’t look as if you’re going on a night out, and you have the perfect outfit! You can even put on a pair of black tights if you don’t want your legs out fully, that way you won’t have to worry about being judged by your grannies friends!

3. A First Date!

We all get the nervous little butterflies in the pit of our stomach when we’re going on a first date, and we all go through the same outfit breakdown of not knowing what to wear! It’s the first date, you want to make a good impression!

A little black dress fits perfect for the first date! Whether it’s a dinner date or a few drinks, style your outfit as more formal, add the accessories. If it’s lunch, the cinema, mini golf, style your outfit as a bit more casual! Don’t add too many accessories, sensible shoes, a jacket and a cross body bag will do just fine!


4. Sophisticated Cocktails

The ultimate sophisticated cocktail outfit. It has to be. And you’re all set if those cocktails don’t end there and you end up heading into town! Long sleeved, short sleeved, straps, bandeau, the little black dress is the perfect outfit for cocktails. Simple and sexy.

5. An Important Job Interview

The dreaded job interview, we all have to go through it, we all hate them. It’s you’re dream job and you are STRESSED. You’ve been too busy doing your research, preparing for the questions they’re going to ask you, how you’re going to answer them, what you’re going to say, you’ve forgotten all about what you’re going to wear!


Put on your little black shift dress, tights, a little heel, and a smart jacket. Add a watch (you cannot be late), stud earrings, and hold your head up high as you walk into that interview room with confidence.

6. Summer Stroll

It’s the hottest time of year, well, it’s supposed to be, summer is a bit hit and miss if you live in the UK. You’re so fed up of wearing jeans and trousers all of the time, you want to let those milk bottles out to catch some rays!

A little black t-shirt dress is the perfect outfit! Wear with trainers or pumps, comfortable footwear for walking, and enjoy the sun whilst it lasts!


7. Sightseeing

You’re in a new city and need a comfortable outfit to walk around in all day. A cotton black dress is your ideal choice. Style with a little denim jacket, a pair of coloured converse, and sunglasses and you’re summer stylish and comfortable!

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You also have this as your first choice if the weather isn’t too great! Just swap your style to black tights and chelsea boots, and your leather jacket!


8. Graduation

You’ve done it! You’ve finished college/university!

Now to find the perfect outfit for your graduating ceremony. 3 words. Little. Black. Dress. You don’t have to worry about the colour clashing with your graduation gown as black basically goes with everything, it’s great for photo’s, and it’s the perfect outfit for celebratory drinks after!


9. A Meal

You’re so fed up of just wearing jeans to a restaurant, you hate being bloated after eating and jeans are not the most ideal and comfortable item of clothing in that situation! You find yourself secretly undoing your zip to let your food baby breathe!

Well, stop with the jeans! A black little shift dress is the answer to your prayers! Not tight to the skin so as you have room to breathe and for your food to digest! Stylish and comfortable! Genius I know!

10. Holiday!

A little black dress is the ultimate outfit for when you are on holiday! Wear a plain and simple cotton one in the day over your bikini so as you’re still tanning your legs if you go for a walk on the beach or around the shops (everyone loves a good tan)! Or even dress one up on the night time, show off the tan you’ve caught in the day!


How many little black dresses do you own? What are your favourite occasions to wear them? Get involved in the comments below!

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