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10 People You’ll Run Into At Cardiff University

10 People You’ll Run Into At Cardiff University

We all know you see the same types of people at Cardiff. Here are 10 People You'll Run Into At Cardiff University without a doubt.

You will often get told, one of the biggest parts of Cardiff University is meeting new people. Regardless of where and when you went to university, the archetypes you will constantly run into at Cardiff University don’t differ that much at all. Here are 10 types of people you will run into at Cardiff University.

1. That guy you slept with at Freshers, and you will see him every where you go.

Oh yes, one of the best and worst things about Cardiff University is that in retrospect it’s small. You will always know someone who knows somebody else you know. In terms of networking and making friends, this is great. That being said,  you’re most likely not going to realise this until about a month into Uni; during that time you will have made one or two mistakes. When you have a short fling with someone and it doesn’t end well, it’s best just to close the book. At Cardiff however, you will probably see them at every Revs Tuesday, Every SU night and every time you go in for a post lecture drink at the Taf.

2. That girl you had a class with at sixth form.

You’re on a first name basis, you don’t have a problem with her but still have a sense of awkwardness around each other to the point that when you walk past her you don’t know weather to engage in polite conversation or act like you don’t know her.  9 times out 10 you will just make this face: 

3. REPS.

Ugh! There are two types of annoying reps, the one’s who constantly message you on Facebook and the type that stand outside Glam or Tiger Tiger trying to persuade you to come into their club. This isn’t Magaluf mate! 


4. The annoying 21 year old who took a 3 year gap YAH.

Say their name 3 times in the mirror and they will appear telling you about how they found themselves in Thailand, and got their heartbroken in Bali. No one at Cardiff University cares!

5. Rugby boys.

Wales is a nation of Rugby! If this annoys you, it’s your own fault for going to a Welsh University. While they’re beefy appearance might be attractive to some people, there’s no denying boys who think their jersey and shorts is suitable as a night out outfit are a definite no no. With that in mind, there’s some respect for wining varsity! 

6. Physio students .

Seriously they are everywhere. High chance you will share a flat with one or be friends with one, they are everywhere. 


7. Cardiff met boys.

I don’t think this needs any further explanation 

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8. The people who are in long distance relationships.

As admirable as committing yourself to someone who is 300 miles away from you is, this is University. Nobody wants to surround themselves with people who ditch nights out to SKYPE with their other halves. They also don’t want to hear your emotional breakdown because your boyfriend was tagged in a photo with a girl. Are they cheating on you? Probably. 


9. The Party Animal at Cardiff University.

Most likely a rep and most likely struggling to get 40% in their course. They will be at Glam on Monday, Revs on Tuesday, Su on Wednesdays, TNT on Thursday and Fridays at Pryzm! And if they haven’t gotten alcohol poising all throughout that they will be at Juice on Saturdays.  

10. Social warriors! 

Left wing activists who probably have, “Oh Jeremy Corbyn tattooed on their butt cheek.” If you can stand people with strong opinions they will make good friends, even if you don’t agree with their ethics. Surrounding yourself with people who constantly remind you how great communism is, is really what Cardiff University is all about!

Despite the possibility that you will have uncomfortable multiple run ins with these people, you will make tons of appreciable friends at Cardiff University. The type of friends you will have for life and will carry you during the dark, lonely and £-1495 in your bank account times. Comment below!
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