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The 10 Types Of People You’ll Meet Out In Edinburgh

The 10 Types Of People You’ll Meet Out In Edinburgh

In Edinburgh there is never a dull moment, so here are the different types of people who you will meet.

Living In the city has many advantages, straight off you will meet many different people. This can be new and exciting or daunting and takes a lot to get used to, but if anything it sure keeps city life interesting. In Edinburgh there is never a dull moment, so here are the different types of people who you will meet.

1. The Suit Attire:

These people are the most common individuals you will come across in the city centre of Edinburgh. They are the professionals and the workers of the city. Walking around in a haste on their phones or casually checking their watches every 10 seconds. These people are the pressure points of the city as they work hard, but they certainly look amazing in their clean-kept suits. These are the types of people who know their way around a closet as their dress sense is impeccable, the women wearing the most amazing heels. It’s all so Sex and the City.


2. The Uni Crew:

You can always spot the infamous university students. In Edinburgh they walk around with their home branded ‘Edinburgh University’ logo bags full of their expensive  books and a Mac laptop usually.  These people dress expressively in denim jackets and converse sneakers. They are simple people, always exploring the library or stressing about studying and exams. However, in the evening they come alive and are seen partying until all hours and in the morning frantically running late to lectures with a Starbucks on hand ready to do it all over again. Don’t be afraid to give these people a smile they are actually pretty friendly and know the ins and outs of Edinburgh night life, and most of them are secret alcoholics.



3. The Really Rich:

These people practically rule Edinburgh. They are the George street shoppers and the elite of the city. With wealth in Edinburgh comes a lot of pride with these people. They express no worries and go about their daily life, doing as they please. Secretly we wish we were them having plenty of funds, but instead we pass them on the way to work, tired and half dressed, not even ready for the day. But never be too jealous as with luxury come responsibility and primarily boredom. Their fancy outlook and private lifestyle is just for show, they make look amazing but the rest of us can learn to feel amazing and binge watch Netflix or eat pizza without dieting as we please. If anything they lack being fly like the rest of us.

4. The Beggars:

Edinburgh may be a beautiful and vibrant city, but it’s not without its downfall. In the streets there can be beggars, those who stop and ask for ‘any spare change for the bus?’. They are intimidating characters and anyone who knows Edinburgh avoids them at all costs. Probably harmless but your natural instinct is to stay away than help out is probably for the best. They can be friendly as they always use the phrase on your passing ‘have a good night’, as you run along to the pub, home or out to the club scene. You become to know these people as you pass them in the streets everyday, so maybe they are part of Edinburgh, maybe without them it would be different. But trust me when you ask for money I am just as poor as you…


5. The Free Spirits:

These guys hang around in all the hip and indifferent spots located in Edinburgh. The cafe with a unique vibe that is so chill it looks more like someone living room than a cafe. They eat and drink organic and most of them are either vegan or vegetarian. They like to express themselves and are normally part of elite clubs or drama societies.  And they are what we would call the odd people of the city but they actually are just free and happy to express themselves, they make use of all the resources provided to them. Whoever they are they are the chilliest people alive. 

6. The Tourists:

Mostly American, and always stopping you for directions to the castle even thought it’s right in front of them. They are curious about the city and do appreciate its culture. They express jealously about wishing to live there and you overhearing this can’t help but feel pride for living in such a city. Plus they love the whisky and are always happy to stop and have a wee chat about our life here. Friendly, they are the perfect people to appreciate and love the city we love, the only issue: they walk super slowly as if they know you are in a rush to be somewhere.


7. The Foodies:

These people will become your favourite, they always know the hippest and best places to find good food for good value. They understand that food is more something you consume, instead it’s a way of life. You will never meet happier people and to hang out with them is always a delight. They are the types who are taking Instagram pictures in restaurants, showing off to the world their plate. Everyone loves food, so no mater what, these are definitely the people to order the same as when you go out.


8. The Artists:

Passionate about one thing: art. It’s not hard to miss these people as they rarely do or talk about anything else. They see art in everything they look at or touch. It’s like they have a sixth sense to see what we don’t. When you finally visit an exhibition they are a part of, it’s hard not to see why they are a bit nutty. What you see displayed in their art shows may mean nothing to you, but to them there is a massive story or life to the piece itself. These people are either your cup of tea or they aren’t, there’s no telling what you might witness with them.

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9. The Gym Leggings Tribe:

Everyone knows these people by now, especially living in such a large city like Edinburgh. Women walking around in gym leggings, but not actually having a gym membership. Unbelievably many admit to this, it almost feels like a crime against fashion. If anything you’re jealous of these people, they always look really comfy.


10. The Travellers:

They never stop exploring, even the little things. To these people Edinburgh is a treasure, full of secrets waiting to be discovered. No matter how long they live in the city, they always find something new and exciting to do or to be a part of. They attend all the events, they know all the history, so much so they would probably make a fortune being a guide for the tourists. The best way to know about the city is to ask the experts. It’s not just Edinburgh, they go everywhere like they have caught the travel bug, one most of us would love to have but never pursue. These people are what make the city discovered and recognised.

So matter whom you may come across, in Edinburgh these are the most likely contenders so look out for them next time you decide to visit, and you might just spot them.


What other kinds of people will you meet out in Edinburgh? Let us know down below!
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