10 People You’ll Always Run Into At University of Hertfordshire

University of Hertfordshire is a great uni. Find out the types of University of Hertfordshire students who attend. These types uni students are priceless.

We’ve all seen them, those memorable faces that seem to follow you to lectures, the library, the club, even the God Damn shops. After all, Hatfield is such a small place; these faces seem to crop up again and again. Keep reading for the top 10 people you’ll always run into at the University of Hertfordshire

1) Those people you always throw your arms around during a night at the Forum, but don’t actually know

You’ve never actually engaged in a full on conversation, yet after 5 £1 Jagerbombs during a stint at Cheeky Wednesday, this is the significant person that you cry to, tell about your relationship failures and constantly tell ‘how drunk’ you are time and time again. When you see them in Uni en route lectures, you don’t know whether to smile or hide your face in shame. University of Hertfordshire students are open and welcoming.

2) That person you recognise from your home town, but don’t know well enough to strike up a convo about your primary school days

Depending on where you are from, there may be herds of these, or just one or two. But you feel a deep connection with this person as they understand where you have come from. And why it is you miss the 3 wings and chips at your local Best Chicken house for £1.99. Hertfordshire prices just do not compare with home!


3) The ‘poor’ students driving their brand new Mercedes and BMW’s into Uni every day

Jealousy screams at me whenever I see these, but the masses of guys parading round the Uni car parks with their convertible C class Mercedes’ and personalised number plates. One can only assume they’ve picked up a lot of shifts at Aldi. Commonly spotted parked directly outside the library, or outside the Forum waiting to impress anyone within eyesight. Usually matched with a pair of Balenciaga’s.

4) The girls screeching at the top of their lungs about how Tommy broke their heart yesterday in the library

Everyone knows that the library is supposed to be a place of bliss; a quiet atmosphere in order to speedily write that 3000 word essay due in 10 hours. However, De Havilland Campus LRC is quite something else. Forget your deadline; this place is a social hub, with many using it as an academic living room to catch up with friends. Some forget that any conversation you have is generally within earshot of at least 50 people. So if you don’t want the entire University to know that Tommy slept with your best friend, maybe it’s best to do your work at home this time.

5) And those brave enough to tell them to shut the hell up!

Nothing makes for social media frenzy like a viral Twitter video of students screaming at each other in the library to shut the hell up. (If you know, you know.) Yet we all secretly admire the students with balls big enough to approach the yapping girls (and more often, guys) and remind them that this is a library. And there are plenty of these at the University of Hertfordshire.


6) The girl promoting her eyelash extension business all over campus

Now I understand that Uni can make you a little strapped for cash at the best of the times. But many of us are turning into Alan Sugar minded individuals, who will profit from any talent they may have. So when I saw a queue of girls streaming into a flat on College Lane campus one time after seeing a bulk of flyers advertising eyelash extensions for only £5, I could not help but be impressed. Profit from your talent folks!

7) The girls that seem to confuse their trip to the library with their wedding days

As mentioned previously, you never know who you could run into on the De Havilland Campus library, maybe even the next love of your life. Yet slicked back hair, curled extensions, eyelash inserts and a highlight so shimmery you can see your reflection? Getting up at 6am to prep for your big day facing your books impresses nobody, not even Eric who runs security. Get your beauty sleep Sis, worry about your future husband spotting another day.

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8) The guy who claims he used to play for Tottenham U21’s- but got injured

For whatever reason, Hertfordshire seems to be full of these ‘I was going to play first team football, but decided to get a degree instead’ fools. Pochettino obviously thought you were too good for the team, so sent you to get a Business Studies degree instead.

9) Your flatmate who ceases to exist except when the fire alarm is sounding

Now we all know one of these: the twelfth member of your flat, who we all regularly assume has gone home for a while, only for them to appear bleary-eyed in the kitchen at 3 am one time making noodles. No-one sees them eating, showering, or even going to lectures. Sometimes I just think they are added to the flat to baffle the rest of us.

10) The promoters for club Batchwood- for the millionth time, I’d rather stick pins in my eyes then visit your club!

And finally, those individuals who tirelessly bombard our Facebook with notifications on how the coach to the local crap club, Batchwood, is only £5 tonight. We get it OK, we really do. And I don’t want to stand in a club, feet sticking to the 25 year old carpet, listening to the same 5 songs on repeat all night. Sorry not sorry. Good effort though. University of Hertfordshire is the best!

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