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10 People You’ll Always Run Into At The University Of Wolverhampton

10 People You’ll Always Run Into At The University Of Wolverhampton

When you’re in Uni the feeling of time is completely relative, because you feel like it doesn’t really past and that after being a year, two, three or even four at the same place, everyone and everything seems familiar. There are so many people you’ll always run into at the University of Wolverhampton. All these people you’ve seen around can fit into a category; cause after all, we all fit into one. Maybe you’ve seen them at a party, at a local pub, around Faculties, the super market or even sometimes even inside of your own flat.

Everyone’s university experience is both completely different and yet exactly the same. We all have similar stories to tell because after all, we’re all surrounded by the same circle of people, maybe we categorize them in different ways but in every Uni there will always be:

1. The Sexy European(s).

Oh, yes! You’ll be lying if you say there is not a single hot European lad or gal at Uni that everyone or at least most of the people is aware of.


2. The video game freak.

Very rarely found at social events, but you see them in the halls or elevator getting into their tiny lab ready to not see the light ever again.

3. The extremely social butterfly.

Usually found in groups of other reckless party animals. You’ll see them at EVERY party and wonder “Do they even go to any lectures at all?”. Will always know where and when a party is going to happen and who is going to attend and will (most probably) sell you tickets to attend.



4. The genuinely nice one.

Yes, they’re literally lovely. Wouldn’t hurt a fly, always offer you a lift- and half of their cookie. You can rely on them, they’re trustworthy and a good shoulder to cry on/moan to in confidence. An all-round good egg.

 5. The “fit” one.

As in “find me at the gym if you need me” but they’re not really doing anything productive, but then again we have the actual fit ones, the sports lovers who love a rush or adrenaline and will tell you how amazing they feel after drinking their protein shake and kale – As if!

6. The bossy one.

The ones who have a cleaning OCD and want you to clean everything just as they’d do it, how to fit everything inside of a drawer, at what time and then which club you’re going to, how much you should be drinking and what you should be drinking, but it’s alright, we need one of them in our life if we’re not already one.


7. The life-planner.

Need someone to plan your Spring Break vacation? Turn your head and find a life planner friend. We don’t all have the skills to plan a holiday like these people do, they’ll find the cheapest hotels, the best routes and will map everything out with days, places, food times, and everything you need for a good break away. They have their future figured out, who they’ll marry, how, when and where; where they’re going to work and they just intimidate you with all the life grown up choices they already make when you can’t even decide if you’d like to have Nandos or Domino’s for dinner.

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8. The snob.

Went to private school. Believes they’re Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Knows Prince Harry, or at least thinks they do. Buys food from M&S because Tesco/ASDA/Sainsbury’s gross. Probably lives in the most expensive accommodation in a Deluxe room and has no concept of what a “student budget” might be by any chance because their parents will always deposit some cash every week.

9. The politician.

We’ve all met them more than once, that person who’s always willing to debate about politics and try to show you “how wrong you are”. Usually loud and end up being annoying after a while. They will never join a debate club, but will always be willing to discuss about things at parties or social events.

10. The player.

Flirts with everyone, and just loves to tell everyone about what they did last night.


So, they all have their pros and cons and university wouldn’t be the same without them. But the question is, which one are you?

Are there any other types of people you’ll always run into at the University of Wolverhampton?
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