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10 People You’ll Always Run Into At Loughborough University

10 People You’ll Always Run Into At Loughborough University


Studying on a massive campus of 440 acres, you’d expect to bump into very few people you know or wished didn’t know you.  But let’s be honest, whenever on Loughborough campus it’s hard not to bump into someone you know, fancy or desperately hope to avoid and it’s difficult to know where to look when you do. Do you give a massive grin and pull them aside to talk or do you act completely captivated by the presence of your phone and pretend like you didn’t see them?  All these questions run through our minds in such a short space of time, where we anxiously decide whether to own this moment with confidence or hide behind the nearest human shield. So, here’s a list I’ve compiled of people you’ll always run into at Loughborough University and lucky for you I have provided some hints on how to handle the situation.

1. That guy you snogged on that very drunken night out (if you can even remember it happening).

We’ve all done embarrassingly bizarre things when we’re drunk, from dancing on the tables to chundering in the club, we all wake up the next morning wishing we never existed and could undo what we did. It seems like your alter-egos come out to play under the influence of alcohol, unleashing a personality which no one knew you had. You live for the danger and enjoy having the confidence to try absolutely anything. So, when you snog that guy you’ve spoken to for all of two minutes (what’s his name again?) during this whirlwind romance you rarely think about the repercussions. AKA how you will feel when you see him in a sober environment. I wonder was he actually as good looking as the alcohol led you to believe or were you too intoxicated to see anything? Does he even remember you or were you just 1 of 20 girls he shared a passionate kiss with that night? We can all imagine that this run in is potentially the most embarrassing of all if you can both remember it. If he was a complete stranger up until that night, my advice would be to put your head down and keep walking until the coast is clear.  I mean what would you even say to him LOL…

2. The super sporty athletes always donning their Kukri kit with pride.

You know you attend a highly prestigious sport uni when every AU member loves to model their Kukri kit around campus on the daily, even when they aren’t training.  We always walk past you talented beings, wishing we had the patients to train as hard as you do and win all the Olympic medals possible.  Our eyes desperately zoom in on your kit to see what AU sport you belong to and it generally always impresses us. But to the rest of you buying the Kukri kit which is distinctly missing the AU sport team label (because you don’t have one!) we can spot your deception a mile off…



3. The Harry Potter wannabes engaging in a serious match of Quidditch on their household brooms.

Whether you are walking to the library, the gym or simply back to your accommodation in David Collett, it’s hard to miss this weird and wonderful society on the greenery. From a far, you sometimes wonder if you’ve been transported to an alternate universe when you see them desperately trying to fly on brooms and failing miserably. They jump around (on the ground of course) and throw balls through coloured hoops just like Harry did in the movie. It does make me giggle a little when I walk past this epic tournament but it’s nice to know that no matter how whacky your interests maybe there is always a place for them at Loughborough.


4. People you recognise from your course but have only said one word to over the past year (under duress may I add).

When you spot familiar faces from your course outside of the lecture theatre, the first thing you ask yourself is where do I look. Do you make eye contact and potentially start the most awkward conversation on the earth where you run out of topics about 10 seconds into your delightful catch-up (If you can even call it that)? Or do you fake an important conversation on the phone simply to avoid a briefly awkward encounter. I’ll leave that one up to you. Let’s be realistic you’re never going to be best friends like Blair and Serena if you aren’t already!

5. Lecturers that teach you daily and still the awkwardness is real.

The most awkward thing about seeing your lecturers on campus is thinking about whether they actually remember you.  I mean they teach so many pupils and it makes you wonder whether you are just another student ID number to them. After your brain finishes processing all that you only have a short amount of time to decide whether to smile and risk them not smiling back or hide behind the first dustbin you see and pretend you don’t exist. Personally, I would advise that you smile and act polite, who cares if they don’t remember you, it could brighten their most awful day!


6. That person you’ve had the ultimate row with. If looks could kill, I’m pretty sure you would be dead!

Speaking from experience, there is nothing worse than bumping into the person who absolutely hates your guts.  You never really know how you will react until that very moment.  To be honest it’s just your luck, campus is such a big place and of all the people you could bump into, you see the person that hates you most. To be quite frank, there is no getting away from anyone in Loughborough especially because the town is so small and everyone goes to the same places (i.e. the union or town for a wild night out or the gym to get fit) So to best prepare you for this moment, I’d suggest taking up the role of the bigger person and try not to hold a grudge (obviously unless they did something awful and unforgivable). Sometimes the best thing you can do is give them a big grin because that will anger them even more LOL…




7. That boy you see so frequently in the same library spot that he becomes your library boyfriend.

Moving into second and third year of university automatically grants you permanent residency in the library for the next few years. You will find yourself spending most of your time pouring over the many books available rather than pouring the many shots you loved to take in first year. When you take up residence in a specific spot you will find that the people around you on the first day will do the same. During your breaks (or should I say hours of procrastination) you and your friends pine over the hottest guys that surround your study area and you secretly deem your favourite as your library boyfriend. Whether this actually becomes reality is another story.

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8. Charlie, the Pilkington cat who always welcomes you with a warm “meow” and a request to have his belly rubbed.

Everyone knows good old Charlie. He wonders around campus looking for his next meal, eating anything he can get his paws on.  Found generally around the library area, he’s someone to talk to and pass the time- if you’re lucky he may even walk you home (I’m only joking but he does tend to follow students around campus). I guess he’s just lonely and looking for some love, so next time you see him rub his belly, I’m sure he will appreciate it.

9. The friend of a friend of a friend (I could go on and on) who you met on a night out. The question is do they remember you as well as you remember them?

The answer is probably not! Chances are one of you (quite possibly both of you) were off your head when you met and the banter you had is now a thing of the past.

Maybe you should leave it till the next drunken night out to rekindle your non-existent friendship. At least you’re guaranteed to save yourself the embarrassment as who knows if they will remember your face.


10. The guy who took your number on a night out, but never texted you- simply tragic.

There is always that one guy you think is seriously into you on a night out, who asks for your number and you give it to him. As a mug, you wake up thinking this is the start of something new (High school musical style) where there will be a good morning text that will change your life forever. LOL let’s not get ahead of ourselves because nine times out of ten all he wanted was something you weren’t ready to offer and his interest has magically disappeared. So, when you bump into him on campus, it’s the most awkward moment of your life and you will wish you could curl up in a ball and roll away unnoticed. But at the end of the day, it’s his lost and the best thing you can do is strut your stuff and show him what he’s missing.


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