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10 People You Will See At UL

10 People You Will See At UL


The University of Limerick’s campus is always teeming with people! (Excluding Monday’s before 11am and Friday’s before 10am and after 2pm) Despite the multitudes of people that can sometimes overwhelm you when you begin first year, it soon becomes very easy to separate them into groups. Keep reading for the 10 people you will see at UL!

1. Sporty people!

We get it. You play sports. These guys and girls are usually incredibly fit, but in case you didn’t know just how fit, they like to live in tracksuits, carrying litres of water at a time and today’s weapon of choice, be it Hurley, racket or football.

2. Girls who think they’re in Vogue.

These girls have their lives together. They somehow manage to make Penney’s boots and scarves, teemed with some sort of fur coat from River Island look like a million bucks. They also never look tired, even though they must have gotten up two hours early to perfect their hair and makeup.



3. Lecturers!

They are the most obvious people you will see at UL because they will be at least 30 years older than you.

4. Girls who don’t care.

These girls care about sleep. They care deeply. Usually they will have their clothes laid out the night before and set their alarms for 10 minutes before their first lecture, giving them just enough time to run out the door, grabbing a pack of Belvita breakfast biscuits and making it to the lecture hall a few minutes late. But the extra 30 minutes sleep is always worth it.


5. People who are always late.

Often these people will be running. If not running they’ll be doing this huffy slow walk jog. Then there are the people who are in fact so late that they’ve just given up and are strolling.

6. Mature Students

It’s very easy to get lecturers mixed up with mature students. While they might look alike, you’ll be able to tell the mature students apart in three ways: 1) They’ll be laden down with books or an extremely heavy schoolbag. 2) They are extremely determined and lack the carefree smug look of lecturers. 3) They will be walking at a near sprint in order to claim their coveted seat at the top of the lecture hall.


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7. Black Dog

Okay this isn’t a person. But this dog is such a strong presence in UL that he practically is a person. Rumour has it that if you see the black dog it’s going to be a good day.

8. Gym Bunnies

These people, sporting colourful or all black gym gear, might be on their way to or from the gym. Or on their way from bed to their lecture and then back to bed. But the gym gear makes the 10 minute walk into college seem a lot more strenuous.


9. Library Hermits

If you’re up early enough you might catch a glimpse of the rare library hermit entering the gym. But by the time they leave again you’ll probably be tucked up in bed or getting ready to go out.

10. International Students

You’ll be able to spot these students easily because they’ll have only brought shorts with them and stubbornly wear them the whole first month, even though the rest of us are freezing. Or they got their knowledge of weather from offensive stereotypical movies set in Ireland and come armed with 20 woollen jumpers and carry a raincoat wherever they go. International students are also a lot cooler and care free than us. Unlike us, if they mess up their lives, ruin relationships or embarrass themselves in any way, in a few months time they’ll be safely back in their own dry, warm countries.

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