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10 People You’ll Always Run Into At The University of South Wales

10 People You’ll Always Run Into At The University of South Wales

If you go to the University of South Wales, then you may find that there's a lot of stereotypes to run into. Check out this list!

The University of South Wales has a variety of campus sites with an even bigger variety of students attending them. University makes you realise that there are so many different types of people in the world, with so many different interests and cultures. But this article will focus on the Treforest campus, not just because the university itself is too big to condense, but also because it was my home for three years and the one I know most about. Here are 10 people you’ll run into at the University of South Wales!

 1. That one Gym-obsessed group.

There’s always a group of people on campus who are always in their gym clothes. Whether it’s in lectures or wandering around campus, the gym shorts will be out in force. Sometimes they’ll even make an appearance on a night out!


2. The same person constantly advertising Paintball by the gates.

All year round, you can bet that there’ll be someone handing out leaflets by the side gates on campus at the University of South Wales. The table that I remember the most is the Paintball table. There’ll always be vouchers for free balls and group deals. I remember seeing them more than half of my lecturers.

3. The Starbucks lovers.

Having a Starbucks on campus means that you’ll be seeing the coffee lovers out in force. Every morning, there’ll be the same few people turning up to an early lecture with the usual Starbucks cup we all recognise. Just wait until the Pumpkin Spiced Latte is out, there’ll be cups everywhere!


4.The Art students.

You’ll mainly recognise the art students due to the massive canvases or portfolios they carry around with them everywhere. Forget the gym, walking uphill with those things must have given them a good workout!

5.People who basically live in Eclipse.

A few people always go missing from the course during second term. Some leave, some decide to study from home and some just treat the experience as a chance to get drunk. It doesn’t mean that they don’t do the work, but it does mean that, sometimes, you’ll see someone in Eclipse thinking, “Where have you been all week?” They might turn up to the odd lecture with a hangover, but mostly you see them drunk and dancing more than anything else.

6.The third-year students living in the library.

Third-year at the University of South Wales is a pain. Not to scare anyone, it’s doable and very fun if you pick the right topic, but it can be stressful. The library is where you’ll mostly see the third-years hibernating. Stocked up on coffee and printing paper, they’ll be there shaking in front of the computer, holding open their eyes until they’ve finished for the night. Then they’ll be right back the next day.

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7.The lazy ones.

Sometimes, you just can’t be bothered. There are a few who NEVER seem to be bothered, however. These are the ones who turn up in their pyjamas quite often. I can’t blame them though. The student flats are at the top of a huge hill! If I was them, I wouldn’t want to get ready either, just roll out of bed and down the hill.

8.The Engineering students.

The University of South Wales has put a lot of money into the engineering section and so be ready for the usual group of engineering students loving the new buildings. Maybe even have a look yourself, it’s actually quite interesting…there’s a real plane too!


9.Those constant Instagram-mers.

A lot of students have their phones out during lectures. But there are a few who seem glued to it. Whether it’s in class or just walking around, the phone is out and they’re selfie ready. Snap-chat, Instagram, they’re on one of them!

10.The ones you can’t define.

University is where you meet so many people that you just can’t define them. You’ll meet so many fun, unique people and the most undefinable ones are those who become your best friends. They’re crazy, funny, both intelligent yet stupid, you see every side to them that you can’t describe them with just one word! These are the people you stick with.

Do you agree that you’ll run into these people at the University of South Wales? Let us know in the comment section below!

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