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10 People That Inspire Me And Will Inspire You Too

10 People That Inspire Me And Will Inspire You Too

Take a look at the list of top people that inspire me throughout my life and my everyday. Who inspires you? Family, public figures?

Inspiration comes in many shapes and forms. For me, it comes from people from various walks of life; some of them I know personally, and some I remained in awe of from afar. From family members to doctors to celebrities, there have been many people who touched and influenced my life for the better. Here are ten people that inspire me and is sure to inspire you as well.

1. My mother

This one is a given. A single parent who worked hard to bring me up and provide me with everything I needed, and even some things I didn’t need but simply wanted. How can this wonderful person- the very reason for my existence- not feature on my list of inspirations? No matter how many people come and go from my life, my mother will forever remain my role model. She is another one of the people that inspire me.

2. My great-grandfather

K.N Kurup, a philanthropist- with a road named after him in his hometown- who provided a home to many who needed it and gave love to everyone, and my great-grandfather. I’ve only ever heard of him through anecdotes that my family shares when everyone gets together, but he left an indelible effect on me. A true giver, who gave not to receive anything in return, I can only hope to emulate him in some way or form. He is another one of the people that inspire me.


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3. My grand uncle

A Hindu spiritual leader and teacher, my grand uncle; the world-renowned Chinmayananda. A wild freedom fighter turned journalist who then went on to inspire millions with his teachings, there’s a lot to say about him. I can only hope to be a shadow of who he was and what he achieved, but I’m proud that I’m able to share the tag of being a journalist with him and even prouder when people tell me we have the same eyes. He is another one of the people that inspire me.

4. My paediatrician

When you’re young you’re always afraid of the person with the needles. Your doctor. But for me my paediatrician, Dr.V. Pushpa remains an amazing inspiration. A strong, independent person that never married and dedicated her entire life to her work, she remained a calming presence for the entirety of my childhood and continues to remains it even now. To me, as long as she was near anyone sick, nothing could go wrong. She could fix everything. Maybe that was childhood naïveté but she’s almost always proved it right, so maybe it wasn’t after all.


5. My English teacher

My middle school English teacher. Roshmi Paul, she wasn’t everyone’s favourite but she was mine. She was the reason I realised my love for the English language. Writing was my passion-one that I kept hidden away from everyone- but she was one of the first people to realize my potential and encourage me. If you ever ask me about a teacher who changed my life, I will always name her.

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6. BTS

Up until this point, my inspirations were all people that touched my life on a personal level, but there a few who I’ve never met, and yet they’ve changed my life for the better. The seven-member Korean band BTS is now world famous, but to me, they’ll always be seven people that came into my life at my lowest and pulled out of it into a better, more fulfilled life.

7. Bonander

I came across Swedish singer Ellinor Bonander when I interviewed her. An artist who breaks stereotypes and goes against conventions, she was instantly one of my favourite artists and soon after my friend. With music that breaks boundaries and norms, she definitely inspires me to step up own my game; to actually write things that matter.

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8. Jazz Mino

Another singer who inspires me with her musical mental health campaign is British pop artist Jazz Mino. Good, meaningful music and a wonderful personality, she inspires me to reflect on my own mental health. She, through her relatable lyrics and music, makes me feel like I’m understood.

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9. Vaikom Vijayalakshmi

Besides writing, music is my other love. So it’s not a surprise that most of my inspirations happen to be musicians who’ve changed my life in some way. Vaikom Vijayalakshmi is an immensely talented artist who never let her disability become an obstacle. As a person who often crumbles under my own insecurities, she remains a charming ray of hope.

10. Dan Howell/Phil Lester

They are two people, but they have the same effect on me. They make me happy, simple as that. What’s more inspiring than people who have the ability to bring you happiness? British Youtubers Dan and Phil instantly put a smile on my face no matter what I may be going through, so how could they not feature on my list of inspiring people.

These are the people that inspire me most. Let us know who inspires you in the comments.

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