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10 People You’ll Always Run Into At Southampton Solent University

10 People You’ll Always Run Into At Southampton Solent University

Take a peak at Southampton Solent University student traits and the type of people who you will definitely run into on campus!

University is the time in your life where you will meet a whole range of individuals from all walks  of life. You may have to live with them, or work with them for a class project. At Southampton Solent, you can be sure to meet a range of individuals from far and wide and become friends with people you would never have met if it wasn’t for university. So here are 10 people you’ll always run into at Southampton Solent university.

The Club worker:

Southampton is known for its good number of clubs. Because of this, you can be sure to know at least one, or maybe five club promoters during your time at university. Knowing this person is a vital connection in university life. They can find the last remaining tickets for that sold out event or get you on guest list for a discounted price. Your only interaction may be on Snapchat asking for guest-list on a Wednesday night, but it’s enough to make you somewhat friends. This is another type of person you will run into at Southampton Solent University.

The person who can’t turn down a night out:

Going along with the club theme. At Southampton Solent, students are known for their dedication to the sesh, with an event on nearly every day of the week. You will all know of, or have that friend who may have a dissertation proposal due, but still cannot turn down a mid-week night out. You probably won’t see this person much in lectures, as they are sleeping off their hangover and have accepted the fact, time is running out for their deadlines.


The dedicated society student:

At Solent, Societies are a big part of university life. We even have a dedicated club night to them. If you aren’t this person, we all know of one student, most probably on the rugby society who takes pride in organising a society night out. They take their commitment as a team member very seriously, you may see this person constantly posting in the group chat- they can’t miss out on anything.

The sporting hero:

Sport is a big business at Southampton Solent university. Everyone will know someone who takes their fitness extremely serious. This may mean they are at the gym every evening and like to spend most of their time with other sporting people who they can communicate what gains they have made. Us mere mortals who love chips after a night out unfortunately do not share the same motivation.


The creative student:

You will be sure to know of a creative hero at Southampton Solent. This friend is master of all things creative and wonderful. They can do immaculate hair and makeup (which they hate when you ask them for help on a night out.) Not only that, they are wizards at all things Adobe and make their essays works of art. This is another type of person you will run into at Southampton Solent University.

The mother figure:

Like most universities, this person is your go to for any of your problems. They are the one to help you home at the end of a night out, and nag you like your own mother does. You wouldn’t know what to do without this person, but they are often your best friend and know how to have a great time. This is another type of person you will run into at Southampton Solent University.


The social media one:

This person loves going on their MacBook in Costa in between their lectures. They are also sure to always be on their phone snap chatting during a lecture, or on the phone talking loudly in the library about what top they should wear tonight. This is another type of person you will run into at Southampton Solent University.

The environmentalist:

This person is an all-round good egg. You will often see them with a reusable tote, probably from lush and a reusable water bottle. This person will make you feel guilty with your plastic water bottle you grabbed from the café quickly before your lecture to soak up last night’s hangover. Not everyone can be that great though.

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The all-nighter:

If you attend university, you will know that one person who never sleeps. If they do, it is most probably from 2-6 when they had a full day of lecturers. You will hear this person making toast at 3 am or at the library at midnight when they realise their work is due first thing tomorrow. You aren’t sure how this person gets it done, but they always manage to work something out.


The take-away lover:

You are most probably trying to save money, unfortunately you most probably have that friend who wants you to get a costa with them before a lecture, or a sandwich from the shop. Not to mention the dominoes they want for dinner most nights. You blame this person for the -£400 pounds in your bank. (Even though you secretly wanted it really).

Do you know of any more types of people you will run into at Southampton Solent University? Let us know in the comments below!

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