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Pastels For Spring Fashion: Groundbreaking

Pastels For Spring Fashion: Groundbreaking

Pastels For Spring Fashion: Groundbreaking

2019 is seeing plenty of pastels taking over the Spring fashion scene. With stores already stocking their Spring collection ready for the warmer weather to roll around, pastel colours have really taken over to welcome the new season. A colour palette fit for both men and women, this look will take you right into spring in style.

Feminine shades are in and this is how you can spring into this new fashion season in styles that are set to dominate up until Summer.

Feeling Blue

Pastel blue is set to do well this spring if the surge of blue items in stores is anything to go by.


Blue has taken over both luxury fashion and the high street as a popular colour to showcase the transition from Winter to Spring.

Some retailers are remaining weather appropriate by choosing chunky sweaters and washed out blue jeans whereas others are eager for the Summer sun and already bringing out the pastel blue crop tops and mini skirts.


Whatever your style, whether you love to layer oversized jackets over crop tops or wear a comfortable sweater under a light jacket, you’ll be needing pastel blue in your Spring fashion line up.

Purple Rain

Chase away the Spring showers with pastel purple shades!

Pastel purple denim is a trend I have picked up on with many modern and youthful high street brands marketing this fabulous shade to men and women alike. Being dubbed colour of the year, it is clear why the industry has started churning out purple in their new spring fashion collections.


Denim jackets are a must have as are denim skirts for women due to the ability to pair it with more basic items and create outfits with a 90s vibe.

Take the denim look further with staple items in this pastel shade and be prepared to make an impression this spring.

Pretty Pink

A look that has been popular with both women and men has been pastel pink.


This gentle shade has been everywhere for years and marks a return this spring, being one of the main themes within male shirts and suits as well as women’s fashion.

A simple pastel pink shirt is a must and will still be wearable in Summer when the heat rolls around. It’s a look that can easily be worn with black slacks for a smart look and then dressed down with simple black jeans for your everyday look.


Pink can and should be worn by all to achieve a modern look that is very fitting for Spring fashion.

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Pale Yellow

Yellow is on the rise and sure to follow us until summer.


This fresh look is straight off the spring fashion shows’ runways and ready for the coming sunshine. Being dubbed as the new millennial pink, we are ready to see yellows dominate the fashion scene this season much like millennial pink dominated a few years back.

Dresses and suits have been eager to show off this statement colour to the world as we move from the cold, harsh Winters into spring. It’s not everyone’s colour but if you’re the type to be bold and experimental with your look, keep your eyes peeled for this sunny shade.


Modern Rainbow

Can’t pick one? Pick them all with pastel rainbows!

This look isn’t overpowering with its colours but still carries a sense of excitement along with being seasonally appropriate. Despite how muted the colours are, they still express your personal style and fashion sense by offering an alternative to one tone looks and injecting the bright rainbows that we have come to know and love in the mainstream media.

Rainbows are sure to stick around for another year so if you’re not in on the trend yet, you better get caught up!


Get invested in pastel sweaters to fight off the morning chills this spring!

This Spring fashion trend is sure to last all the way till Summer so get in on it while you can! Don’t forget your essential denim items and light sweaters! What pastel shade will be your go-to this spring? Let us know in the comments below!

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