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8 Pastel Hair Dyes To Try RN

8 Pastel Hair Dyes To Try RN

8 Pastel Hair Dyes To Try RN

Summer is here! What better way to celebrate than trying out a new colour! Now don’t be afraid of the term colour here. Some people don’t like to colour their hair and are nervous about trying out something different. After all, we have all heard horror stories about people dying their hair and ending up looking like a melted rainbow.

But you can colour your hair and look cute without worrying about ruining your life and having to shave your head. Pastel hair is a really good way for you to try out a new look because it allows you to play with soft tones and cute colours. So keep reading to get you perfect pastel hair and start living fearlessly!

1. Smart Beauty Chic Metallics

Go purple with this gorgeous pastel hair colour from smart beauty. It’s a metallic lilac shade that is super cute especially for this time of year. This is a permanent dye so it is long-lasting if you’re wanting an all summer long pastel hair look.


It’s also vegan which is always a bonus. Lilac hair just always looks cute and because of its light shade, it won’t overpower the rest of you look.

2. L’Oreal Colorista

This is a semi-permanent colour so it’s better for those of you that just want to try out a new colour but aren’t totally sold on a permanent change. We love their soft pink because it is a really gentle, light colour but it does make you stand out and pop at the same time. This really funky colour is ideal for this time of year because it’s super pretty and will look great with practically any outfit.

It fades in 4-10 washes so if you try it and realise it’s not for you then you can just wash it out. Also, it comes in a wide range of colours so you can try out another one if soft pink isn’t for you.


3. Schwarzkopf Live Colour Pastel Hair-Dye

Again, they have a range of colours to choose from but we recommend their turquoise temptation. This aqua colour is nice for a cooler aesthetic. It’s a cute, mermaid colour that will look great at the beach!

This colour can also work really well for dip dying if you’re not sure about this colour choice for your pastel hair. It’s very beautiful and you will glow with it. Wear darker clothes with this colour to really make it pop.

4. Claire’s Pastel Mint Hair

This semi-permanent spray-on colour is ideal for one use wear. It comes out with one wash and would be great for those of you who want to just have colour for a day or a particular occasion. The mint shade is obviously another cooler colour so again it will stand out more against darker clothes. But overall, no matter what you wear you will rock this dye to be the ultimate pastel hair queen!


5. Manic Panic High Voltage Colour

You can snap up this cream formula hair-dye from Blue Banana. We love the shade pretty flamingo because it’s a gorgeous, peach/coral colour that is totally dreamy for the season. It lasts for up to six weeks and is super easy to apply! This pretty pastel will transform you into a summer goddess and the peach tone is very flattering for everyone!

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6. Colour Freedom

Rose blonde may not seem an obvious choice to dye your hair but you will be dying to try it! Its blush rose tones mix with the blonde perfectly to give you a cute and unique vibe. It’s not the typical colour people think off when they think of pastel hair but its funky colour will have all eyes on you. The sweet mixed tones will match with any outfit and will give your overall look a girly twist.


7. Colour: Vibe

We are obsessed with their silver touch conditioning shampoo-in colour that is so easy to use and leaves your hair shining with a gorgeous silver glow. It comes out in three washes so it’s a great colour to wear just for a night or two! Silver hair is very trendy right now so make sure to give this look a try!

8. Arctic Fox

Arctic Fox is rapidly becoming a reputable and well-loved choice for hair-dye so make sure to get in on the trend now! Their sunset orange colour is to dye for; pun intended. This light, fiery colour will deliver a beautiful but edgy look for summer.

This really will turn heads and make sure you’re the talk of the season. Plus, it’s arguably the most fun and playful colour on this list so if you really want to let loose and have fun with your hair then this is the colour for you!


Will you be trying out any of our pastel hair ideas? Leave a comment!

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