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5 Party Theme Nights That No One Else Will Think Of

5 Party Theme Nights That No One Else Will Think Of

If you have a party coming up and really want to impress your guests, try one of these unique, outside the box party themes!

Everyone wants their party to be the party. The one everyone talks about for weeks, sometimes months afterwards. We all love themes like tropical luau and Great Gatsby, but they’ve been done. If you really want to host a theme night that is outside the box and will leave people talking, why not try one of these unique themes that will guarantee to get your guests taking notes…

1. Brexit

In these uncertain times, why not make the best of a difficult situation and turn your party into a hilarious, satirical stab at the current political climate? Theresa May and Boris Johnson masks and wigs are purchasable on Amazon, and all you need to do is dress up in ‘office’ clothes and jazz up your home with some over the top British flags and decor, and drink champagne (or Prosecco, we’re not actual Tories). Don’t forget to dance like Theresa to ABBA’s ‘Dancing Queen’.

5 Party Theme Nights That No One Will Think Of

2. Copacabana

Transform your home into the Copacabana, the club from Barry Manilow’s hit song. Think palm trees, feather boas, sequins and showgirl costumes. Basically, if Carmen Miranda designed a club. Add extra authenticity and make classic cocktails like cosmopolitans and martinis to complete that vintage vibe. Music wise, create a playlist of Latin inspired tunes and show songs to have your guests shaking their hips as if they’re in a club in Havana.

5 Party Theme Nights That No One Will Think Of

3. Heaven vs. Hell

Are you naughty or nice? Let your guests choose if they belong in heaven or hell with this unique idea of a joint theme. Good meets evil with this merging of themes as half of your party is decked out like heaven, with ethereal white drapes, feathers and guests dressed as angels. In hell, dig out your Halloween box to try and make it as dark and creepy as possible, with ominous lighting and guests dressed as devils, demons or anything sinister. Make sure your music is in tune with the opposite themes, for example, have a playlist with scream metal for hell and light, fun pop for heaven.

5 Party Theme Nights That No One Else Will Think Of

4. CBGB’s

CBGB’s was a long-running and hugely influential underground punk club that launched the careers of the likes of Blondie and the Ramones. If you’re a punk fan, why not transform your home into CBGB’s for a party? It should be pretty easy, as all you need is low lighting, band posters and cheap booze for that ultimate laid-back grunge theme. If you have friends who play instruments, create a little stage and get them to play a punk gig just like CBGB’s! Get your guests to dress in ripped jeans, band T-shirts and have a punk playlist with all the bands who have performed – trust me, there are plenty you will know.

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5 Party Theme Nights That No One Will Think Of

5. East Germany

Since the Berlin Wall fell, East Germany no longer exists, and with it, the world lost a special, if somewhat controversial, culture. For many, it was a much-treasured part of their lives. Why not pay a tribute to the former state and have an ‘Ostalgie’ (‘East nostalgia’) theme? Think polyester jeans, German pop music, and traditional German food that you can try and re-create yourself. The East was all about tradition! East German customs and recipes are easily found online, and you may be surprised at what you can do with such a unique culture. Look at Berlin’s DDR Museum website for inspiration for how to decorate your party. This idea would be a great way to not only have an outside the box party, but to experience a lost piece of history.

5 Party Theme Nights That No One Else Will Think Of

Be sure to impress your party guests with any of these five party theme nights! Which is your favourite?

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