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Pantone Spring And Summer Colors For 2019

Pantone Spring And Summer Colors For 2019

Pantone Spring And Summer Colors For 2019

Spring is such a beautiful season, the flowers start to bloom and the city gets filled with colors, whilst summer is the most awaited season as it invites you to have fun in the sun after a cold winter season.  Also, you get to wear the Pantone colors of the year and get your fashion side on!

This spring/summer 2019, the Pantone Color Institute couldn’t have added more happy colors into the palette. Inspiring colors to provide confidence and complete joy to explore our creativity.

Ranging from the bright hues like hot pink, intense red, oranges, or golden yellow to the classic neutrals like brown or buttery colors, you will go nuts when you see this list!


1. Fiesta And Sweet Lilac

In one hand you have the summery orange-red radiating passion and energy and definitely “fiesta”, on the other hand, the sweet lilac with its charming mix of pink and lavender, a gentle color that will make you look feminine enough but not too sweet.

2. Mango Mojito

Rock this golden yellow during spring or summer. This Pantone color for 2019 is a beautiful bright yellow that will bring joy to anyone near you.

3. Toffee

Be deliciously irresistible with this beautiful toffee color. It can match very nicely with other Pantone colors like the sweet lilac, terrarium moss or with turmeric. Also choose fabrics like silk, wool or leather to give it that extra wow effect.


4. Princess Blue

This majestic royal blue will have all eyes on you! This color is definitely the most outstanding of the cooler colors. Combine it with black or orange accessories to complete a gorgeous look, it also goes very well with other bright colors like the mango mojito or turmeric.

5. Pink Peacock

This vibrant, intense magenta will give you a powerful but charming look. You can wear it to work by mixing it with other neutral colors like sweet corn (also from the Pantone palette).

6. Sweet Corn

This buttery neutral color gives the right amount of balance to the other vibrant intense colors of the Pantone palette 2019.


It will give you a soft, delicate and elegant touch to wear at the office or for your Sunday brunch.

7. Aspen Gold

Cheer up your day with this sunny Pantone color! It goes perfectly with the orange-red fiesta color, expressing joy and happiness at the same time.

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8. Jester Red

This intense red lays a little on the burgundy side, adding a touch of elegance and power presence when worn. It would go beautifully with other warm tones from the spring/summer 2019 palette.

9. Living Coral

This golden undertone has a mix of orange and pink, it can brighten up any room you walk into. It makes you travel maybe to a tropical island on your summer holidays, having a fruity cocktail.

10. Terrarium Moss

This dualistic natural color makes you think of forest but at the same time, it has that military vibe going on. It matches perfectly with the toffee or sweet corn Pantone colors for this spring/summer.


The Pantone spring/summer palette of this year is to die for! From bright colors like aspen gold, turmeric or mango mojito to warmer colors that will balance our style and recharge us with positivity.

But the chosen one as Pantone color of the year 2019 goes to living coral, a hue coral with golden undertones. Inviting us to pursuit joy, positive energies and a connection to nature.

Which of these Pantone spring/summer colors of 2019 is your favorite? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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