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10 Pairs Of Fringe Earrings You Absolutely Need This Summer

There’s something about jewellery that completes a woman’s look, especially earrings! For the summer, fringe earrings are a must! They are both colourful and boho chic, not to mention, you can pair them with any outfit that needs a bit of va va voom! Here are 10 pairs of fringe earrings you absolutely need this summer.

1. Beaded Tassel Drop Earrings, Topshop.

These earrings are so colourful, just perfect for summer on a casual day out, with a white shirt on and blue shorts!

2. Beaded Flower Tassel Earrings, Topshop.

These flower earrings look similar to fringe earrings but they have beads instead of strings. Their red colour certainly makes them pop!

3. Engraved Disc and Pom Pom Earrings, Topshop.

These fringe earrings are smaller in size but still look cute! The blue and red create a contrast which makes them really unusual and fashionable.

4. Navy Tassel Hoop Earrings, New Look.

These hoop fringe earrings come in several colours, so you can either get multiple ones or in a colour that you like! They are super wearable – day and night!

5. Yellow Tassel Coated Stud Earrings, New Look.

Yellow is such a bright colour!! That’s why these fringe earrings are perfect for summer, because we tend to wear a lot of bright colours during that season!

6. Multicoloured Tassel Hoop Trim, New Look.

These fringe earrings would look really nice in the summer but also winter, as you could pair them with an outfit of similar colours!   

7. Gold Coin Tassel Earrings, Missguided.

This is a different style of a fringe earring, as the style of it as you definitely feel like a glamorous Cleopatra when wearing them!

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8. Red Fan Tassel Hoop Earrings, Missguided.

The gold detail on this pair of fringe earrings along with the bright red of the fringe, makes the piece of jewellery look expensive and glamorous!

9. Silver Crystal Tassel Earrings, Missguided.

These fringe earrings should definitely be worn on a night out! They are elegant and the crystals along with the grey colour will compliment your outfit very well.     

10. Fringed Flower Earrings, Zara.

These earrings from Zara might look weird in the beginning but they are so cute! Imagine wearing a white or black summer dress, these earrings, sandals and your sunglasses. The red gives a pop of colour and some excitement to a dull outfit.

What do you think of fringe earrings? Let us know in the comment section below!

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