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Packing Hacks: Moving In Freshman Year

Packing Hacks: Moving In Freshman Year

Packing is important for all uni students who are moving into their new accommodations! Follow these tips to ensure that you don't forget anything!

Packing is one of the most important things to do before you move into your new university accommodation! You’ll want to pack all of the right things so that you don’t have you beg your parents to drop something off, or spend money you don’t want to part with. Find out what to pack and how to do it properly with these great tips!

1. Roll clothes

If you have a small suitcase and want to create more space, roll your clothes instead of folding them! You’ll be able to fit way more in your bag and justify that seventh pair of jeans you just can’t bear to leave at home. This is a great tip for all students, especially those who are arriving on-campus from overseas!

2. Towels

Some universities might not offer you a towel when you arrive on campus. This might be problematic if you arrive at your dorm with a social event you just can’t miss, or get home late and really want a shower. Buy a cheap towel from your local store to solve this problem! It’s an essential item that you won’t regret packing.


3. Toiletries

When moving in, you must bring a toiletries bag with you! This will prevent your other items from becoming dirtied and keep your makeup brushes hygienic. A great idea is to separate your makeup from other bathroom items like your toothbrush. This will make your products more accessible when you need them!

4. Clothing

When you’re moving in to your new place, make sure that you pack all of the items you love! Seriously consider what you wear frequently and what you wish you wore more often. Always pack the former! Bring boots, sneakers and heels for outfit diversity, and a lot of jackets if you’re staying on-campus during the colder season!

5. Socks and underwear

Pack lots. Pretend that you’re going to have an accident every day and then double that. It’s good to have lots of underwear, especially if you’re relying on the coin laundromat, which will not treat your lacy undergarments with mercy. It’s also good to have different kinds of socks and undies when you’re moving into a new place, whether it be crew cut or knee-high socks, or lacy or comfy briefs. Bring them all!


6. Share the kitchenware

Wait until you have met all of your housemates until you purchase any kitchenware. These essential household items can be expensive, and difficult to transport if you don’t have a car! Split the costs and lifting to make sure that you quickly settle in to your new dorm.

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7. Leave the bulky stuff

You don’t want to weigh yourself down on your first day at university! Buy the heavy stuff like bottles of shampoo, soaps and cleaners after you’ve settled in. This way, you won’t have to worry about getting it to your apartment or having it leak all over your belongings!


8. Favourite books

Moving into your new place means leaving behind your book collection! You’ll rely greatly on your library for new reading materials. Pack some of your favourite books before you move into your new place. This way, you won’t have to part from your favourite fantasy worlds and authors!

9. Backpacks and bags

You will definitely need to pack a sturdy backpack before you move into your new dorm! This will allow you to carry your electronic goods and textbooks around campus! You should also pack some cute purses and handbags for days when you feel like dressing up. These will also be handy for nights when you feel like going out. This is the perfect way to protect all of your belongings!

Did you use any of these packing hacks? Let us know down in the comments!

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