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Own The Headband Trend Game With These Amazing Headbands

Own The Headband Trend Game With These Amazing Headbands

Own The Headband Trend Game With These Amazing Headbands

The headband trend is one of the ultimate game changers this season; it makes it so easy to style any look you’ve got going and perfect for hiding the stray hairs you can never seem to control. The extensive options of colours, patterns, and styles can spice up your outfit no matter how simple or over the top. Forget the uncomfortable plastic headband style! We’re only in with the new around here and that means dressing your hair with the luxury it deserves. 

Vintage Headscarfs

The vintage headscarf is absolutely one of the favourite headband trends this season with the number of ways it can be styled. It can be braid into your hair, used to tie in a pony tail or bun, or simply as a classic headband. The headscarf is so stylish this season that you can dress it up with any simple outfit like a loose fitting blouse and you suddenly look a million trendier.

vintage headscarf style headband trend


Knot Front Headbands

Whether it has the easy elastic band to make it easy to throw on or a simple ribbon for you to tie in, the knotted headband trend adds so much dimension to your hairstyle. On days where you’re feeling like the volume in your hair is uncontrollable, you can throw on the headband and let it make its magic.

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Velvet Headbands

The amazing texture combination of the velvet against your hair adds so much dimension into your entire style that really makes an admirer think, ‘wow that girl really put some effort in!’ Velvet is a really great texture that pairs well with no matter what hair colour or texture you have. The velvet headband trend really elevates your style to a whole new level of luxurious with a simple classic accessory.


velvet headband trend style cute cool lifestyle

Bow Top Headbands

Bringing back retro look that reminds of teens in love in the 50s is the bow top headband trend! The adorable and easy headband style makes any style instantly romantic. It’s the perfect brunch accessory for any date! Especially if you pair with a red lip and sunglasses, the combo makes the look easy to wear for all kinds of outfits.

bow headband trend cute style


Bandana Headbands

If you’re looking for more of a cool girl way of styling headbands, bandanas are a great versatile look to consider. The style is the perfect accessory to pack when you’re travelling as it also can be used in a number of ways, especially to keep the hair out of your eyes. It can be easily used to cover up third-day hair when you’re milking the rest of that dry shampoo.

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Oversized Headscarf

Another casual way to style the headband trend is with an oversized headscarf or even, re-purposing a thinner scarf to style your hair! The way the oversized look really brings all the attention to your head and your face with a really relaxed, chill style. The headscarf hangs loosely over your shoulders to make them appear narrower, and introduces another romantic styling. You can even braid the looser ends back into the headscarf to add more volume to the top of your head!

oversized headband trend

Extra Styling Tips

If you think you don’t want to be spending loads of money this season on just headscarves and headbands there are also style them in a number of ways. Accessorizing them as a means to tie your hair is an absolute must and an easy hairstyling tip that only takes seconds! For extra surety, tie your messy bun or ponytail with a normal hairband and then wrap the headscarf around it for a more volume and colour to your simple hairstyle. If you want to go the extra mile for a more feminine look, braid the headband into your hair for another effortless appearance that’ll wow everyone you meet. At the end of the day, if you’re tired of wearing it in your hair, you can easily tie them onto any simple handbag strap for a dose of colour and pattern.


What were some of your favourite styles of headband trends you saw here that you think you will be styling this summer?

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