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8 Most Overrated Places To Go To In Manchester England

8 Most Overrated Places To Go To In Manchester England

Take a look at these overrated places to go to in Manchester England. These are places that you can definitely miss and not feel bad about it.

Manchester is a fantastic city with so many incredible places to go. However, there are some overrated places to go to in Manchester which, although very popular.


Once the office buildings of Factory Records, Factory is a three-floor club that includes many different genres of music in its rooms. The ceiling famously fell down last year, and the revellers simply kept dancing whilst holding it up. However, due to Factory’s fame, there is usually an hour long wait for entry and extortionate drink prices within. Due to the club’s size, if you split up with your friends you are unlikely to fin them again. Factory also has these cute little tables that are built into the ground. They create a cool spacey vibe and can be lethal if you don’t know they are there and fall into them. This is one of the overrated places to go to in Manchester!



Fallowfield is the home of all things wavey. It has great restaurants and a huge supermarket. But beyond the surface of Fallowfield you begin to learn the truth about this small area of Manchester. Fallowfield has a really high crime rate, with one of the highest unsolved crime rates in Manchester. This is one of the overrated places to go to in Manchester!

Trafford Centre

The Trafford Centre is a pretty good place to shop. It has everything you could need to sort out Christmas for the family. However, The Trafford Centre becomes almost un-navigable on weekends and after school hours. The shopping centre is suddenly filled with small children, prams and teenagers in uniforms. You won’t be able to buy anything or try anything on without queuing for hours first. This is one of the overrated places to go to in Manchester!



Antwerp used to be the place to be. It was dingy, it was dark, it was a messy night, but it sure was fun. With the Mansion’s re-opening fast approaching, many are worried about it losing some of its roguish charm. Firstly, Antwerp is asking its patrons to become members and party between 7pm and 11pm until they can fix their licensing law. Secondly, Antwerp is changing some structural elements of the Mansion itself, such as adding insulation and asking local artists to decorate the walls with art rather than the graffitied names and doodles that previously adorned the walls. Previous party-goers are concerned that the art will detract from Antwerp’s previous grime-y style.


The Curry Mile

The curry mile, for many is just part of the journey from Fallowfield to the university and beyond. For the non-student population of the area is a hub for community. For the student population, it’s just some shisha bars in a line with a couple of supermarkets and Indian Restaurants thrown in for good measure. The street is always full of people, day and night, which makes getting through the city very tricky. This is one of the overrated places to go to in Manchester!

Squirrels Bar

Despite having cheap drinks and a fun atmosphere. Squirrels bar is always packed to exploding. If you want a go on the pool tables, you’ll have to queue staring at the tables for a good hour or so before you get a game. If you want the same atmosphere, same fruity cocktails and no queue at the pool tables, you’re better off trying Victoria Bar at Victoria Halls.



Union Bar

If you want cheap chips and discounted drinks, then the union bar is the perfect place to chill out after lectures. However, the music is often booming or the sport on the TV is turned up so loud you can’t hear yourself think, let alone hold a conversation. If you want to have a sports party, then the union bar is where you should want to find yourself. This is one of the overrated places to go to in Manchester!

Pangea Festival

Pangea has been dubbed the best student festival in the country. However, it is just a couple of tents in the rain with usually one or two exciting acts. There is never not a queue for the toilets and they are usually disgusting. There are cheap drinks and DJs in the union, but with the huge amounts of tickets sold it is often difficult to move around and experience everything Pangea has to offer.


If you can think of anymore overrated places to go in Manchester, let us know in the comments below!

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