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15 Outfits With Black Trousers You Need To Copy

Black trousers are an essential for any woman’s wardrobe. Black goes with everything and there are so many different styles of trousers you can choose from and ways to wear them. From street style to uni style, here are 15 outfits with black trousers you NEED to copy!

1. Fishnets and cropped trousers

Adding fishnets under a pair of cropped black trousers is such an easy way to look really trendy. This outfit can be worn casually or you can go for a dressed up look. Complete the outfit with a cute pair of shoes!

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2. Athletic trousers

This is a really great outfit option for rushed mornings when you need to get to that early lecture. With your favorite hat and a leather jacket, you can give your sporty black trousers an upgrade!

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3. Layering

By using different colors and patterns, layer your outfit to really dress up your plain trousers! Scarves, button up shirts, and long coats are easy ways to get the layered look.

4. Fur coat

With the colder weather coming in, a fur coat is a must-have! Whether you like it cropped or long-lined, your coat will help to really add style to your outfit.

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5. Fun print shoes

Cheetah print is such an easy way to add some pop to your outfit. Don’t forget the red lipstick!

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6. Suede jacket and studded boots

The fall and winter seasons require you to have a nice suede jacket and a pair of studded boots. You’ll look fit af with this combo!

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7. Denim jacket

Another essential you need is a denim jacket. Using a denim jacket as a staple piece can take a normally casual outfit and transform it into some serious street style.

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8. Flared

Flared trousers have made a comeback and no one is complaining. This all black silhouette is perfect for really any occasion. If you’re looking for a great work or internship outfit, this is the one!

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9. Neutrals

Blending different neutral tones together is one of the best looks to go for in the colder months. This is a great way to really soften up your outfit.

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10. All black

If all black is your go-to (like my entire closet), then this is a great outfit for you. With a pair of leather trousers and a long coat, you will be serving looks all over!

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11. Graphic t-shirt

Make your graphic t-shirt classy by adding a nice pair of fitted trousers. Complete the outfit with a bright pair of pumps!

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12. Lecture ready

If you’re in need of a cute outfit for uni, plain black trousers are life savers. With a cute jumper, light coat, and a cozy scarf, you’ll be one of the most stylish gals in the room.

13. Layer your jumper

This is one of the easiest outfits for you to put together. You can get a pair of cropped trousers or roll a pair yourself and layer your jumper over a plain button down shirt!

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14. More layers

When it really gets cool but you don’t feel like wearing a big coat, you can layer with denim shirts and a cozy cardigan to keep you warm. Don’t forget to add a blanket scarf as your accessory.

15. City chic

Add a tan or light colored coat to your all black ensemble for a really chic look. For your shoe choice, go with something bold and pointed. Bring the look together with a clutch and voila!

What are your favorite outfits with black trousers!? Share in the comments below!

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