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8 Outfits From Friends That You Can Totally Reenact

8 Outfits From Friends That You Can Totally Reenact

We all have those shows that we will hold dear to our hearts, so why not take fashion advice from them? Here are the best outfits from Friends!

I can’t be the only one who watches Friends and wishes so badly to be one of the girls, with their  perfect hair, skin and clothes. We can look back at their outfits and take inspiration from them with hopes to look just as good as they did in them. So here are several outfits from friends and similar products in stores right now:

1. The one with the simple black dress

This is a simple black dress with buttons down the front layered on top of a brown long sleeved top. You can find a similar dress at Top Shop for £18 and pair it with a top you could find in Primark for a few pounds. This is definitely one of the most iconic outfits from Friends!

2. The one with the casual shirt and mom jeans

Monica has a casual white shirt tucked into a pair of mum jeans which is reflective of the fashion back in the 90’s which can easily be worn today. You can find similar mom jeans for £25 and shirt for £15.99.


3. The one with the denim shirt and white tee

Here Phoebe has a denim shirt tied at the front with a white t-shirt which could be paired with a skirt or trousers. This shirt is from H&M and is £24.99 which can be paired with any white t-shirt.

4. The one with the jumper and short skirt

A checked pattern is coming back into fashion and is sort of giving us Clueless vibes, this one that Rachel is wearing with a white jumper is red and white which goes really well with the knee high socks. Top shop have a few checked skirts in different colours which would all go well for this outfit and this one is £32.00. H&M have a white jumper on sale for only £6 but you can pair this with any white jumper or top. This is one of the cutest outfits from Friends!

5 + 6. The one with the beige trousers and white tee + grey cardigan

For Monica’s outfit you can pair the mom jeans from before with a grey cardigan, Rachel’s is a pair of baggy beige trousers and a white t-shirt. This pair of trousers are from H&M and are on sale for just £20, they have different ones so pick the ones you like best and wear any white t-shirt patterned or not. For Monica’s cardigan there are again a few to choose from, I like this grey knitted cardigan from H&M which is similar to hers but without the pattern for £12.99.

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7. The one with the dungarees and brown bag

This is an easy to throw together outfit which you can find anywhere, I found this dungaree at new look for £29.99 which is quite similar to Rachel’s and this brown bag at H&M for £12.99 but again there are loads to chose from.

8. The one with the shorts and checked shirt

This is more of a lazy outfit which would be perfect for when you just cba for uni *sigh*. Here are some paper bag shorts from H&M for £12 on sale which are very similar to Rachel’s and an oversize checked shirt from Zara on sale for £12.99. This is one of the comfortable outfits from friends every girl has worn!


Can you remember any other iconic outfits from friends? Let us know in the comments below!

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