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12 Outfits For Work That Are Still Really Cute

12 Outfits For Work That Are Still Really Cute

Who said office attire had to be boring? You can absolutely wear cute outfits for work that can be worn during the day and for a night out. These are cute office outfits that will look great on both men and women!

Do you ever encounter the difficult decision of having to let go of your comfy jeans and t-shirts you’re so used to wearing? Then you find yourself converting half your closet into work appropriate wear. There’s a misconception that work outfits consist of all black, very prim and proper, with no cute dresses or printed trousers. Men and women have different styles that work for them. Here are some tips for what essentials you should incorporate into your closet because these are the top outfits for work to wear in the office!

1. Something Coloured

Incorporate colour into your dress code with bright coloured tops or bring the pop of colour into your work outfit with accessories. Keep the silhouette of formal tops simple and structured, especially if the outfit doesn’t make use of a blazer.

2. Embrace The Print

Outfits for work are far from boring. No one said prints had to be avoided during work days. Pair a simple striped button down with a pair of black trousers with flats or heels. Either would work well for presentations and meetings.


3. The Comfort Cardigan

Offices get cold out of the blue of course, but sometimes we don’t want to put on a blazer because it’s too formal (and occasionally too hot for one). Cardigans are great to throw on because they are functional, but can also be fashionable. Pair a muted coloured cardigan with a basic tanktop, trousers, and work heels/flats. You’re ready to get on with the day!

4. Casual Fridays

If your office isn’t about the formal blazer life, it still doesn’t mean you should come to work in joggers and flip flops. A nice pair of dark denim jeans cuffed at the ankles, paired with some brogues or ankle boots with a printed button down top would work. Another option is to tuck in a tank-top into belted jeans and put a casual jacket over the top to still look put-together yet remain comfortable.

5. The Lazy Day Dress

“Dresses are easier.” Yes, whenever a girl is wearing a dress, it’s always because they’re feeling extra lazy. Thinking of what top and bottom pairing you need to have is time consuming and a hassle. A dress is something you can throw on and accessorize with jewelry, a bag, flats, boots, or trainers. You’ll be ready to head out the door! It’s one of the easiest and cutest outfits to wear for work.


6. Shift Dresses

Shift dresses work extremely well for the workplace. Having a staple black and white shift dress is essential in your closet. It requires little to no effort and is especially useful when you’re running late. As much as women have trouble with organizing their closet for the work week, so do the men. The next five outfits might help the guys out!

7. Smart And Casual

Men look really put together when they add layers. It’s fashionable and professional. A white collar underneath a cardigan is simple yet eye catching. It’s definitely a polished look for sure.

8. Denim Jeans

A button-down shirt tucked into dark denim jeans with a sweater over it, sleeves cuffed and layered over with a coat if it’s cold out – that’s the smart casual look done. Pair this look with boots to complete the outfit.

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9. The Businessman

If you’re working in an industry that requires you to be at formal meetings or presentations every day, the smart casual look is not right for your office situation. Invest in a good quality suit (get it fitted if possible!) because a suit that fits right will leave you looking sharp. Not every office requires their employees to wear a white button down and if they don’t, explore with formal shirt colours. Finally, remember to wear work shoes that match the colour of your belt!

10. Prints

Work attire does not mean sticking to the monochromatic. Explore prints in the form of ties, subtle tweed blazers, polka dot shirts, and even socks. Just don’t wear all of them at once!


11. The White Button Down

Just like the white shift dress for ladies, the white shirt for men is just as needed. You can pair it with printed or coloured trousers, printed blazers, and even unbuttoned with jeans if you’re trying to go casual.

12. T-Shirts

Outfits for work can be simple enough that you probably already own this. Utilise the most commonly found piece of clothing in your closet! The t-shirt can be dressed up or down depending on the situation. Pair it with a sleek leather jacket/blazer and chinos for more formal situations. Dress it down with light washed denim jeans and a flannel tied around your waist.

Would you wear these cute outfits for work? Let us know in the comments below!

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