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8 Outdoor Wedding Trends We’re Loving Now

8 Outdoor Wedding Trends We’re Loving Now

Outdoor wedding trends are like a carousel – they’re always coming and going! They range from the most ludicrous, crazy ideas to the sane and safe, understated options. To save you from having to trawl through them all, here are 8 outdoor wedding trends we’re loving now!

1) Minimalist Wedding Dresses

Over the last few years, we’ve been used to seeing extravagant wedding dresses, bedazzled with sparkly rhinestones and yards of tulle. However, the sleek bateau neck gown worn by the ultimate modern princess – the Duchess of Sussex – during her recent wedding ceremony, has helped to shift the trend back to an understated, romantic gown that focuses more on serene material and a graceful cut as opposed to embellishment. My kind of dress! simple wedding dresses are favoured for outdoor weddings as they are lighter and more airy than their bedazzled counterparts. Can’t go wrong with that!


2) Florals

While florals are always on trend, due to their classic status and ability to instantly dress up a venue and create a uniquely romantic atmosphere, structured floral arrangements are out, while rustic is currently on trend. Flowers add a touch of elegance and beauty to a venue, the likes of which can’t be achieved with any artificial decor – they’re in a league of their own! For an outdoor wedding, rustic floral arrangements perfectly compliment the natural beauty of their surroundings. British grown flowers are particularly good for achieving the rustic look, and great for adding a patriotic touch to your special day.

3) Foliage

In 2019, people seem to adore nature and the outdoors. Greenery is hot as pie at the moment so naturally, foliage is a well-loved current staple as far as outdoor wedding trends go. Make the most of your outdoor setting by incorporating leaves and trees into your wedding! There are so many dynamic and creative ways of doing this, from standing beneath a wide Oak tree to say your vows, to having vines wrapped delicately around the legs of the chairs and tables for a beautiful rustic effect.


4) Fruits and Seeds

A quick bridal bouquet search on Instagram will lead you to a whole host of florists and bouquet specialists who are flocking to meet the current demand for undone, bridal bouquets and floral arrangements that incorporate fruits and seeds. Like flowers, these are great for complimenting an outdoor setting and adding to that rustic appeal that we’re all currently obsessed with. They are also unique and creative so if you’re looking to make an impact, you’ve found just the thing!

5) Flower Crowns

Flower crowns are a whimsical wedding trend that is more cost effective than traditional hair pieces studded with rhinestones, and more compatible with an outdoor theme. Flower crowns can be ordered from your local florist, or even better, you and your bridesmaids could make them together, and get in a bit of girly bonding time before the big day!

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6) Eco

As we are currently becoming a more Eco conscious society (rightly so!), we are seeing more Eco focused weddings. This is especially true to outdoor weddings, where natural lighting and the sounds of nature, instead of an artificially powered music system can be taken advantage of. To go the extra mile, consider using locally sourced ingredients for your menu and cake and opt for foam free floristry to minimise negative environmental impact.

7) Light the Night!

Lanterns and candles have drastically increased in popularity recently and we’re loving it! It’s a fantastic option if you’d like to light up your venue after sunset without the use of artificial lighting. Use lanterns or candles to create a perfect picturesque fantasy venue after dark – there is no sight quite like a sea of lanterns sprawled out effortlessly alongside your path at night!


8) Natural Makeup

Every bride is beautiful on her wedding day, but a gorgeous, natural makeup look that compliments, not covers her features, is ideal for an outdoor wedding where the natural light is harsh and seems to magnify every drop of makeup that is worn. A delicate, liner free eye, soft brows, pink pout and rosy-flush cheeks is a ravishing combination for an outdoor bride, that looks chic and modern.

What are your favourite outdoor wedding trends for 2019? Let us know in the comments!

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