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10 Outdoor Fall Activities For When It’s Still Nice Out

10 Outdoor Fall Activities For When It’s Still Nice Out

There are lot’s of fall activities to do while the weather is still nice outside. There are loads of activities you can do with your friends, family, significant other or by yourself, while you enjoy the last warm rays of sunshine. Grab your umbrella (just in case), your camera and your most comfortable shoes and let’s take a look at 10 fall activities you can do outside while the weather is still nice.

1. Picnic 

This is the perfect fall activity for a nice day. You can take a look at nice parks in your area. If you don’t already have a favourite fall recipe, you can take a look at some recipes here


2. Collect Leaves For DIY Projects

There’s plenty of DIY projects you can do with leaves. You can also collect a variety of things, such as pinecones and chestnuts for fall decorations around the house. 

When it comes to leaves, however, there is a lot of variety. Not only is it a great fall activity, which can be combined with any of the other fall activities on the list, but you have interesting activities at home, which will bring the fall colours in your home. You can make candles, wall decorations and much much more. 


3. Reading With a Hot Drink 

Summer is too hot, winter is way too cold and spring tends to bring a whole lot of bugs as everything flowers. Autumn, however, is the perfect season for reading outside. Take your book, get a hot drink and sit outside a cafe or bring your drink to the park and enjoy your latest novel alongside a hot drink and beautiful scenery. This is a great, relaxing fall activity.

4. Riding a Bike 

Yes, plenty of people ride bikes all year long. The cold doesn’t faze them, but if you are more of a casual bike rider, you might consider going on a ride around the park for a nice fall activity on a sunny day. Riding a bike is a great way to enjoy the scenery. And you don’t need to carry your picnic basket/bag if you ride your bike to the park. 


5. Last Chance BBQ

Summer BBQs are great, but BBQs are also an amazing way to utilise a nice autumn day. This fall activity can bring your friends and family together for a nice meal while you enjoy the beautiful autumn sunset. And you can find some awesome autumn recipes for your BBQ here

6. Take the Best Pictures

Autumn is an amazing season to take pictures. Put your best autumn coat on and take pictures surrounded by the beautiful foliage. A picture of you throwing leaves may be a bit cliched, but it’s fun and you can always keep it just for yourself.

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7. Watch the Sunset

Autumn sunsets are beautiful. This is one of the easiest and also most rewarding fall activities on the list. Staying a bit longer after your picnic, or putting your book aside to watch the beautiful autumn sunset is something you definitely won’t regret. Golden hour doesn’t look more golden than in fall. 

8. Stargazing 

This is not the best fall activity for those of us who live in the city. However, if you live in the countryside (or somewhere where you can see the stars), stargazing can be a great autumn activity. Best done if accompanied by something that will warm you up (a drink, some blankets), since the nights to get quite chilly. 


9. Fly a Kite 

A great autumn day, some extra wind and voila – the best day to fly a kite. This fall activity can be really fun for families with kids, but it’s also a great activity for teenagers and adults who want to do something reminiscent of their childhood. Or to try something they feel like they’ve missed out on in their childhood. 

10. Go Halloween shopping 

It’s never too early to start thinking about your Halloween costume. Go shopping for your Halloween costume on a nice autumn day instead of waiting till the last minute and risk getting a cold before Halloween. 


What fall activities would you recommend for a nice day? Share in the comments!

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