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Our Halloween Costume Predictions For 2018

Our Halloween Costume Predictions For 2018

Here are some halloween costume predictions for this fall! Get some ideas and start planning your costumes now with this inspiration!

Everyone knows that Halloween is the best time of year, getting to dress up however you want and go out and party with your friends. More than ever Halloween costumes are being based off the latest films, pop culture phenomenon and fashion trends, so with October quickly approaching, here are our Halloween costume predictions for 2018.

1. Black Panther

Off the back of the hugely successful film earlier this year, we predict that Black Panther will be one of the most popular costumes this Halloween. It’s a costume perfect for keeping warmer in the October weather, or can be made a little more sexy with a short skirt if that’s what you fancy. In fact, look out for all of the Avengers cast this Halloween, as superheroes are still very much on trend in 2018.

2. Harry and Meghan

A couples costume that we predict we’ll see everywhere this October is Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Not only was it a love story we all fell in love with, but their wedding was the biggest pop culture event of 2018, so we expect to see some couples out and about in wedding dresses and ginger wigs this Halloween. We are definitely predicting this for one of the most popular halloween costume predictions this year!


3. Circus Clowns

With films such as The Greatest Showman and It being so popular last year, we predict a popularity in clown and circus looks this Halloween. Clowns give the chance to dress up in wigs and experiment with fun make-up, but can also be made super scary for those who want to give people a fright!

4. The Heathers

A girl group costume that isn’t often seen, we predict that people will be rocking the Heathers look this year. Not only is the 1988 film a cult classic, but the current trend of loving retro culture and checked pleated skirts means that the Heathers girls may be a surprise hit for Halloween this year.

5. The Incredibles

With the sequel film finally coming out this year, we predict that the Incredibles will be very popular this Halloween. Whether a single costume, a couples costume or a group costume, those red spandex suits will be out in storm in October. This is also a costume perfect for families. Another super popular option for halloween costume predictions!


6. Donald Trump

One costume we can definitely predict will be out in force in October will be Donald Trump. The american president continues to keep himself in the news with his crazy policies and odd personality, so crack out the fake tan and don the blonde wigs ready for Halloween.

7. Drag Queens

Rupaul’s Drag Race is quickly becoming one of the biggest shows on television, and its drag queen stars are the perfect celebrities to recreate for a Halloween costume. You get the chance to play with make-up and wigs and really dress yourself up. Look out for the crazy face of Trixie Mattel all over town this October.

8. Wonder Woman

The Wonder Woman film took us by storm at the end of last year, and in such a feminist era, we’re sure we’ll see some Wonder Women out this Halloween. The costume is also super flattering and sexy, perfect for anyone who wants to catch someone’s eye this year.


9. Lara Croft

Lara Croft has long been a staple of Halloween costumes, but with the film reboot this year, we predict we’ll be seeing more Lara Croft’s than usual this October. It’s a fun sexy costume and still totally girl power!

10. Star Wars

Star Wars is still keeping strong in our cultural zeitgeist, and this year we predict an abundance of Star Wars costumes. Whether its characters such as Rey or Finn from the new trilogy, or classic characters such as Luke, Leia and C3PO, there will definitely be some galactic representation this October.

11. 1960’s Hippies

With the popularity of festival fashion in 2018, we predict that 60’s hippies will be one of the more popular costumes this year. The chance to rock some crazy patterns and platform boots will be something most people won’t want to miss out on! A super cute idea for halloween costume predictions!


12. Kylie Jenner and Stormi

Another pop culture phenomenon this year was the reveal that yes, Kylie Jenner was pregnant, and in February she gave birth to adorable daughter Stormi. We expect nothing less than some Halloween jokers to be dressing up this year as Kylie Jenner with her famous lips, and as baby Stormi in an adult-sized baby grow.

13. Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones has been another Halloween staple for the last few years, and we predict that the trend will be as strong as ever this year. With the last season of the show nearly upon us the excitement around the series is higher than ever. Look out for girls in blonde wigs dressed as Daenerys and boys wrapped in blankets as Jon Snow.

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14. Cowgirl

A look that is quite popular, we predict we’ll see a lot of cowgirls out this Halloween. Animal prints are totally on trend this year, as are checkered clothes, so the chance to show off the cow print and plaid skirts won’t be missed.

15. Spice Girls

The Spice Girls have been a girl group Halloween staple for the past few years, and we don’t see this trend slowing down any time soon. In fact, we predict there’ll be more Spice Girl power out this year than ever with the explosion of 90s culture and girl power in 2018.

16. Hugh Hefner and Playboy Bunnies

With the death of Hugh Hefner earlier this year we predict that this Halloween there will be more than a few homages to the business mogul and his Playboy bunnies. Girls will take advantage of the opportunity to dress sexily, and guys will love pretending to be the Playboy womaniser.


17. Unicorns

Whilst many might say Unicorns may be better left in 2017, we predict there will still be an abundance of them out and about this Halloween. Wigs and glitter are still strong in festival fashion, and with the unicorn costume giving opportunity for colour, fun and sparkle, we’ll definitely see a few of these magical horses this October. What a fun option for halloween costume predictions!

18. Barbie Dolls

90’s culture is a strong trend in 2018, so we predict that one costume that will see a rise in popularity will be as Barbie. The iconic doll is a 90’s nostalgic icon, and can even be the perfect couples costume if you can find someone to play Ken.

19. Cruella De Vil

Our final prediction for Halloween costumes this year is Cruella De Vil. The classic Disney villain is not only a fun costume, but with the chance to rock the black and white wig, and the on trend dalmatian print and fur, we predict this costume is will out more than ever this year.


 There you have it! Our best halloween costume predictions for this fall! Let us know what your predictions are in the comments below!

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