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15 Of Our Favourite Millennial Pink Home Decor Picks

15 Of Our Favourite Millennial Pink Home Decor Picks

There's no doubt that millennial pink has taken over as youths favourite colour. And now these millennial pink home decor picks will allow you to bring millennial pink straight into your flat! Find this colour in vases, rugs, bedding, furniture, and more!

There seems to be no limit to the growing popularity of millennial pink when it comes to contemporary home décor – and why should there be? The pale, peachy pink colour is feminine, chic and will make a comforting addition to any room. Here are 15 of our favourite millennial pink home decor picks that are sure to get you inspired if you’re looking to add a soft touch of femininity to your home!

Millennial pink door.

Sure, when you’re making some changes to your home décor, ripping out the doors and replacing them with new ones probably isn’t the first thing that will come to mind. But how can one possibly turn down some cute, millennial pink doors with yellow gold or rose gold hardware?

Millennial pink bathroom cupboard.

In this particular pick, I’m loving the elegance of the grey and white marble contrasting with the softness of the millennial pink cupboard with rose gold hardware and surrounding items. Sweet (literally).


Millennial pink personal chill-out spot.

This isn’t just one single millennial pink home décor item; this is an entire chill-out space dedicated to millennial pink! It screams UNIQUE, FABULOUS and CHILL-AXED. My favourite pieces are the fluffy millennial pink rug and cute, cosy cushions.

Millennial pink map wallpaper.

Goodness, this is a pretty brave choice but why not? The world map – in millennial pink. That’s the definition of entitled, if you ask me. I would totally go for this wallpaper in a personal office setting or that work-oriented, knowledge-absorbing corner in one’s bedroom.

Millenial pink dressing table.

Of course, this would naturally be one of our favourite millennial pink décor picks. Which girl wouldn’t want to sit at a pretty, peachy pink dressing table and do her hair and makeup?


Millennial pink bedding and curtains.

Matching your bedding to your curtains is almost a given when it comes to home décor. The pretty pink and cream combination we’re seeing here exudes cool but warm, sweet, cosy air. Definitely one of our favourite pink millennial décor picks!

Millennial pink tea set.

Tea set and home décor? Really? – Yes, really! Nothing brightens up a cosy living room quite like a pretty, millennial pink home decor China set, surrounded by gorgeously pleasing-to-the-eye, appetising cakes and biscuits. “Would you like some scones with your tea, dear?”

Millennial pink bathtub.

Aaahh, a relaxing hot, honey and milk bath in this gorgeous, millennial pink bathtub would be practically and perfectly ideal during these cold, snowy days.


Millennial pink bookshelf.

Book nerds, how cute is this millennial pink bookshelf?! Not only is it perfect for book storage, but also for displaying your favourite ornaments and knick-knacks. This is our home décor crush right here!

Millennial pink shower.

How gorgeous is this shower setting? I’m especially in love with the rose gold hardware and the smooth, millennial pink tiles.

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Millennial pink desk globe.

I simply had to add this one here. If the millennial pink world map wallpaper is too much for your tastes, but you want something of the sort in your room or office, then this beautiful globe is perfect for you!

Millennial pink touch to your living room.

This isn’t millennial pink all around, but that’s the beauty of it. The slight peachy pink shades on the sofa cushions and curtains add a gorgeous, feminine touch without being too overpowering, and compliment the surrounding vintage olive greens and earthy tones, amazingly. A favourite millennial pink home décor pick of ours!

Millennial pink chairs.

They’re simple, they look very comfortable and they perfectly balance out the frosty toned table, rug and surroundings.


Millennial pink kitchen.

I’d imagine walking into this clean, millennial pink kitchen would bring out the passionate chef in all of us! The décor is very simple, but the millennial pink home decor really does make it that much more attractive!

Millennial pink fringe chandelier.

This millennial pink fringe chandelier is a beauty hanging from a ceiling. It’s unique, and the bronzy gold hardware on it gives it that gorgeous antique feel.

What do you think of these millennial pink home decor picks? Let us know in the comment section below!

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