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Our Favourite Home Decor Sites Like Urban Outfitters

Our Favourite Home Decor Sites Like Urban Outfitters

If you want to decorate your apartment or flat but you're on a budget and looking for cute decor, here are some home decor sites like Urban outfitters that are cheap and have so much cute apartment decor to choose from!

Spring is fast approaching so it’s time for a clear out and a refresh. The best way to feel renewed and to celebrate a new season is to do a little interior design. I love getting little bits and pieces to make the home feel rejuvenated. Here’s our favourite home decor sites like Urban Outfitters.


1. Uncommon Goods

I am obsessed with the home section of UncommonGoods. Yes, it’s a little pricey but any purchase from here will make you smile. The home goods merge the old with the new making for some really original pieces. My favourite by far is this adorable fire escape shelves adding a unique touch to bland living room décor.



2. H&M Home

This site has something for everyone. We all know that H&M clothes are always on point and its home décor did not let us down. I love spicing up kitchen accessories at the start of a new season. Check out their bedding as well – super affordable and cute!


3. Houzz

This website is fantastic for getting inspired in the new season. It allows you to select which part of the house you want to update and provides a list of cool styles to choose from. There is truly something for everyone on here like this stunning mirror.


4. Shop Terrain

If you’re all about the fresh, relaxing vibe – Shop Terrain is perfect. It’s rustic style décor lifts any room from drab to dull.



5. Amazon Home

This site is super convenient and we all know about its reputation for super fast delivery. You can search by item for this one – so you can get what you need quickly and conveniently. I love creating a cosy reading corner in my home so am always searching for shag rugs to accentuate the room!


What are your favorite home decor sites like Urban Outfitters?

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