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Our Favorite Removable Wall Paper

Our Favorite Removable Wall Paper

If you are a creative person and would like to creatively design your home without it costing as much, then wallpapering is absolutely the way to go. Not only is it affordable but also available in styles that suit your personality and can be easily done yourself. These removable wallpapers are so easy to install, stick and then eventually remove. So let’s look at some of our favorite removable wallpapers.

1.Floral Wallpapers

If you love color and flowers and gardens then the floral mural wallpapers are the way to go. They just give your room an elegant and classy look. They brighten your day and your mood and are perfect for spring and summer seasons. The best part is you can choose the wallpaper with your favorite flowers and your favorite colors as well.

You can choose a floral wallpaper with large flowers or small flowers or just an array of both. You can add furniture to the room to match the wallpaper giving it a monochrome look.


2.Geometric Design Wallpapers

These really add a bold look to any room. You can choose any geometric prints you like and then decorate your room accordingly giving it that statement look. These geometric prints are also a clever way of hiding any wall imperfections giving it that complete, clean and fancy look.

These wallpapers are also available in different colors. With the geometric design wallpapers, you can use it to cover the full side of the wall or just cover half of it depending on how creative you want to get.


3. Wood Effect Wallpaper

Having wooden finish walls can be quite laborious and costly via carpentry, using wallpapers is an easy and cheaper option. These a perfect to give a room a rustic, trendy look. These wood effect wallpapers also come in different shades just like normal wood, for example, natural finish, darker finish, golden finish so and so forth.

You can give an all-wood look to your room giving it a trendy and rustic country look. This wallpaper is perfect during the autumn and winter season giving a much needed warm and cozy feel.


4. Brick Effect Wallpaper

The brick wallpaper has been in trend for a little while now and still continues to do so. They give the place a very rustic and raw look. These wallpapers are available in like the actual brick colors and also grey shades.

They add a lovely texture to the room and just makes the place a little more quirky. They are easily available and affordable too.

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5. Chalkboard Wallpaper

I did not know they even existed until I visited my friend who recently added this wallpaper in her room. This wallpaper just gives a cool and casual look to the place. The chalkboard wallpaper is available just blank or even with messages only printed on it for example like a quote on love or life etc.


These are even available with some fun scientific equations on it or with a constellation map, perfect if having a related profession. The blank chalkboard wallpaper is an absolute favorite among the kids, giving them a large area to draw their wild imaginations.

6. Cartoon Character Wallpapers

Children just love the cartoon character wallpapers. You would always find their favorite character as their wallpaper and the good thing is they are available at affordable prices which is a relief, especially when their choices change so quick. I remember having Tom and Jerry when I was a kid and then changing to Cinderella and so on. They are so equal to stick and they come off easily too without damaging the wall.


Which of these wallpapers do you fancy? Do you have any other ones which you really need to share? Share your favorite ones below!

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