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Our All Time Favourite Style Phases Of Miley Cyrus

Our All Time Favourite Style Phases Of Miley Cyrus

Our All Time Favourite Style Phases Of Miley Cyrus

Most of us have grown up with Miley Cyrus. From watching her as Hannah Montana on Disney Channel as kids to seeing her mature, in both her music and her style. It’s hard to put your finger on her style or define it exactly as she chops and changes so much. But we know for sure that she’ll always step out in a mind-blowing outfit. Here are our all-time favourite style phases of Miley Cyrus.

The Hannah Montana Phase

Yes, we know that Hannah Montana is a character but for many of us when we were kids Miley Cyrus was Hannah Montana. The over the top blonde wig and sequin adorned outfits were what any 12 years old dreamed of wearing. Yes, these outfits were super out-there but they suited her character to a T and really helped her make a name for herself.

These over the top sequin looks also link back to Miley’s godmother Dolly Parton who is known for over the top sparkle. Whilst Miley obviously doesn’t dress like this nowadays she occasionally gives a nod to Hannah with a sparkly or sequined piece here or there and we’re living for it.


The Bohemian Phase

Throughout 2011 Miley was trying to really find herself and what her sense of style was. She was fluctuating between country music and pop at this point and her clothing was very floaty and gave us hippie vibes. She was experimenting with lots of floaty, loose dresses and hippie hairstyles like waves or that iconic braid she wore with Liam Hemsworth to a CNN heroes tribute event. We love this phase because she looked so naturally beautiful and really reflected her country roots.

The Punk/Wild Child Phase

This is probably one of Miley’s most memorable phases and was definitely the time she got the most media attention. She seemed to make a transition into this phase when she opted for the platinum blonde pixie cut she’s now well known for. She started wearing revealing, often controversial outfits which came along with a change in her music to edgier, more explicit songs.

While so many criticised Miley for this move (particularly her appearance at the 2013 MTV Music Video Awards), she made a strong statement with all of her looks and many young girls were inspired to go for a similar style pixie cut. Whilst we might be divided in opinion on this one – we have to agree that this phase was both daring and unforgettable.

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The Malibu Phase

In 2017 when Miley Cyrus released her song Malibu she underwent another dramatic style transition. Following on from touring wearing larger than life dramatic, crazy outfits, Malibu saw her go back to her humble beginnings in country music. The edgy hairstyles went and were replaced with beachy blonde waves. Her OTT outfits (which don’t get me wrong we love too) were swapped for more muted ensembles with a nod to country.

Notably, she started wearing cowboy style hats and lots more denim jackets and shorts. This is Miley showing us that she has talent and beauty no matter what she wears, and she can do casual country just as well as she does over the top.


Undoubtedly, Miley will change up her image many more times, this just makes her all the more exciting for us to follow. With her recent appearance on Black Mirror as new alter-ego Ashley O, I’m sure she’ll continue to serve show-stopping looks. We can’t wait to see what she does next.

Why not take inspiration from Miley Cyrus and change up your style? Comment below your favourite Miley looks through the years!

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