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10 Organisation And Storage Solutions That Are Still Stylish

10 Organisation And Storage Solutions That Are Still Stylish

10 Organisation And Storage Solutions That Are Still Stylish Organisation and storage solutions make the home more efficient, but they can also be stylish.

Organisation and storage solutions can really make a home more efficient, but that doesn’t mean they have to be too orderly and strict. Here are 10 organisation and storage solutions that are still stylish.

1. Laundry Cupboard

Laundry cupboards (or airing cupboards) can often become a place to dump many miscellaneous items, keeping them out of sight and therefore out of mind. But this space can become efficient and also stylish, with organisation tips and storage solutions. Try using labels, plastic dividers/boxes, colour coordination, and baskets, to make an easy-on-the-eye stylish storage solution.

2. Crafts

If you have a lot of craft items, such as pens, sewing equipment, thread, wool, and other items of this category, take inspiration from the below storage solution. These jars and shelves allow the craft items to be organised, while also being a stylish decor-like solution.


3. Fridge

Fridges don’t have to be a cluttered mess, making the use of these storage solutions. Buy some plastic dividers and drawers, organising your food by category to create an aesthetic and stylish stylish solution.

4. Hallway

Make the most of your hallway by creating an efficient organisation station. A place for keys, notes, and other miscellaneous but important items, these storage solutions are stylish and aesthetic, whilst also being an efficient use of space.

5. Hallway

An alternative use of the hallway space and storage solutions is demonstrated below. Use a whiteboard calendar, pin boards, chalk boards, and file dividers, to organise the space most efficiently and stylishly. This is perfect for the family home.


6. Laundry Room

This laundry room storage solution is efficient and stylish. It makes the most of the space, and hides your dirty laundry from sight.

7. Make Up

Make up organisation can be difficult, but when done correctly can be incredibly stylish. Use these storage solutions below to organise your different make up items and make the most of the space available. Use plastic dividers and boxes to organise by category for an efficient and stylish storage solution.

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8. Office

The office space can become inefficient when cluttered, so make the most of these storage solutions, using boxes and file dividers to organise your work and makes for a stylish and efficient space. The colour coordination also makes it aesthetically pleasing, and it is simple and easy to achieve.

9. Pantry

Make use of these storage solutions to make the pantry space stylish and efficient. These labelled baskets organise food by item and category so that you know where to find everything. It is stylish and aesthetically pleasing, as well as being easy to achieve.

10. Pantry

These alternative storage solutions for the pantry space uses labelled jars in place of the normal packaging, to create a uniform, stylish, and efficient space. The jars also allow for package-free refilling, being environmentally friendly also.

These organisation tips and storage solutions offer a variety of ways to make the space in your home more efficient, while also maintaining a stylish appearance. If you have any other storage tips let us know in the comments below.
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