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10 Online Vintage Clothing Stores To Check Out RN

10 Online Vintage Clothing Stores To Check Out RN

Vintage clothing has become popular again and there are so many benefits of shopping for vintage items! Here is a list of 10 online vintage clothing stores!

“Vintage”, I’m sure you have heard that word a lot these days. Vintage clothing, vintage shoes and vintage bags, they all seem so authentic and timeless. The vintage trend has definitely made its way back to popularity. These days, many influencers on Instagram have been following this vintage clothing trend as well, thus encouraging their audiences as well!

Did you know that shopping secondhand and buying vintage clothing helps to save the environment as well! Vintage clothing does not require any manufacturing and therefore saves resources! So, if you are someone who hates seeing other people wearing the same ‘boring ‘clothes as you, then keep reading! Here’s a list of 10 online vintage clothing stores you need to check out asap!

1. Na Nin

Na Nin Vintage has been around for many years! This store began as an online store and has made its way into being one of the top vintage clothing online stores! There are countless of unique options like trousers, suits and silk clothing. Very vintage and chic! Follow them on Instagram to keep updated!


2. ASOS marketplace

You’ve surely heard of ASOS but have you come across ASOS Marketplace? Well, they are a vintage online clothing store with more than 700 different vintage boutiques! There are so many cute sportswear items and retro clothing styles. Honestly, one of my personal favourites!

3. Farfetch

If you are someone who has been saving up for your next or even first designer vintage item, this is the store for you. This online vintage store offers timeless pieces from designer brands. My favourites are the vintage bags and vintage outerwear pieces available.

4. Vestiaire Collective

Vestiaire Collective has so many vintage items on their website/app. It is open to everyone to sell their pre-loved (vintage) items. In this way, many vintage clothing and items are a lot less expensive than those bought directly from stores! Definitely a hidden gem among other online vintage stores.


5. Restated Vintage

Restated Vintage is on online vintage store from Australia! If you are not from Australia, don’t fret, they obviously offer worldwide shipping. This vintage store has brands like Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Nike, Harley Davidson, Champion and so many more. This is the ultimate vintage store for all you vintage junkies.

6. Miishka

Miishka is another popular online vintage store, popular for their unique vintage pieces from brands such as Levis, Harley Davidson, Champion and others. Check our their aesthetic website and I’m certain there will be more than one item that catches your eye!

7. Beyond Retro Vintage Clothing

Not surprising if you already have heard of this online vintage store! They offer a plethora of vintage clothing pieces at an affordable price! Be sure to give them a try, I’m sure you won’t regret. #noregrets

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8. Depop

Depop is an online vintage clothing store and comes with an app to download as well! This website is the ultimate platform to buy, sell and be inspired by fashion from around the world. Get your hands on vintage items sold secondhand at a discounted price!

9. Storeroom Vintage

Storeroom Vintage is an online vintage store from Sydney, Australia. They have unique clothing pieces from the 70s, 80s and 90s! This vintage store is recognized by many celebrities as well, so be sure to keep up and go check them out!


10. Nastygal

Before you wonder why I have included Nastygal on this list, check our their website for vintage items! Their vintage items have a modern twist to them as well.

Vintage clothing stores have become more prominent and are more accessible than before! Remember, if you shop vintage, you’re doing your part for Earth!

Which online vintage store was your favourite? Let me know in the comments!

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