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One Night Stand Sex Isn’t So Bad

One Night Stand Sex Isn’t So Bad

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It’s not a secret that there’s a stigma around one-night stand.  Perhaps you had casual sex with someone you met on a Friday night and felt rubbish afterward, or maybe you have that one friend who keeps having such encounters and there’s something just plain wrong about that. Well, it doesn’t have to be like that! Someone who has casual sex doesn’t have to be an emotionally damaged person, be compensating for something else or that none wants to sleep with them more than once. Sex is something natural after all and happy endings aren’t like a Disney movie, regardless how much we want them to be. So, sit back, take some notes and discover why one night stand sex isn’t so bad.

Sex Is Healthy

We all know sex has great benefits for your health. Don’t believe it? Well, sex lowers your blood pressure and risk of heart attack, plus, for women, it improves your bladder control. And it doesn’t end there; sex improves sleep and eases stress level. Just remember always use protection to keep things healthy!

One Night Stand Sex Isn't So Bad

They Are Emotionally Less Drainy

It’s difficult not to get emotionally attached when you have sex with someone, no matter how “casual” you insist it is. Once you are naked beside someone, you become vulnerable — none’s bulletproof after all! One night stands are much less consuming than relationships and less complicated and awkward than the whole “friends with benefits” thing. One nighter are good for helping you separate the physical from the emotional experience, and overall, to help you keep your sanity.

One Night Stand Sex Isn't So Bad

You Can Have Better Sex

There’s no such thing as too much sex, so don’t let yourself feel ashamed. And while yes, your body needs a break from time to time, the more sex you have the better. One night stands are great opportunities to explore your sexuality and learn what you like and what you don’t. You become more sex-positive and confident with your body.

One Night Stand Sex Isn't So Bad

Not Everyone Is Ready to Settle Up

We need to stop single-shaming people. Not everyone is looking for a long-term relationship or serious comittment. No-strings-attached sexual encounters are great to enjoy your singledom and keep sexually active. If you are looking for a serious relationship, but you aren’t, it sucks yes, but it doesn’t have to be the end of the world and having a one-night-stander won’t doom you to be single forever.

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One Night Stand Sex Isn't So Bad

They Make For Hilarious Stories

Even if the one night stand sex was rubbish, you can also share with your mates all the weirdness and crazy antics you experienced. It makes a good entertainment source because, hey, not everything in life has to be serious!

One Night Stand Sex Isn't So Bad

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