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10 Oily Face Causes To Prevent Shiny Skin

10 Oily Face Causes To Prevent Shiny Skin

There are many oily face causes out there. We dive into how it happens and what to do to prevent that shiny oily look with these great products.

It is often said that having oily skin means that you are less likely develop wrinkles until much later in your life in comparison to other skin types. Unfortunately, it often also means that you’re more prone to spots and probably look shiny 24/7. Although highlighting and “dewy skin” is all the rage in the world of makeup at the moment – no one wants to look shiny or sweaty all the time. So, if you do suffer from oily face causes, here are 10 ways to prevent looking shiny.

Invest Face Mist

Facial mists can help to balance out your oil production and keep your skin feeling fresh. We love the Mint Mattifying Face Mist from The Body Shop.

Find a good toner for your skin

Toners are great for people with oily skin because they help to shrink pores and remove excess oil in the skin before moisturizing. They also help to make your skin look and feel refreshed and not oily. We like the Serozinc spray from La Roche Posay, which rids skin of excess oil.


Use a moisturizer that is oil-free.

If you have oily skin, the last thing you want is a moisturizer that has a lot of heavy oils. So, opt for an oil-free version to prevent oily face causes.

Try a matte primer.

By fighting oil, the right primer will provide your complexion with the start it needs to make your foundation last all day long. A primer will help to stop oil melting off your foundation, absorb any excess oil without clogging up pores or drying out your skin. If you decide to go for a matte primer it will also help to make your skin look less shiny for longer. Try the bareMinerals PrimeTime™ Oil Control Foundation Primer!


Use a mattifying foundation.

Foundations that contain mattifying powders eliminate shine and leave behind a silky, powdery finish which is a dream come true for people that suffer from oily skin. The Bobbi Brown Skin Long-Wear Weightless Foundation with SPF 15 has been tried and tested on oily skin – it lasts for up to 16 hours! It might also be a good idea to go for a powder foundation instead of a liquid formula that will contribute towards shininess.

Use a setting spray.

One of the best things you can do to prevent your makeup from slipping off is to set it with a setting spray. But it’s essential to choose one that is right for oily skin because otherwise your skin can end up looking even shinier. Urban Decay offer an amazing De-Slick Oil Control Makeup Setting Spray!

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Carry around blotting papers.

Blotting papers provide a quick-fix for gals on the go that need to instantly remove excess oiliness on their skin. They are an essential item to have in your handbag for combating shininess that develops during the day! This will fight oily face causes right when it happens.

Use an oil-control loose powder.

Similar to a setting spray, loose powder will help your foundation look less shiny for longer. To avoid looking “cakey,” only apply powder in the areas where you really need it i.e. your T-zone, on your nose or forehead. This is such a helpful tool against oily face causes.

Make face masks part of your skin routine.

Face masks are great because they can help to regulate and control moisture in your skin, meaning that they help your skin to look less oily in the long-run. Oil-control or clarifying mud masks work best on oily skin as they help to de-clog pores.


Remember to wash your face after working out/getting sweaty.

It’s important that you wash your face anyways but if you want to save yourself from looking shiny, make sure you keep it clean to prevent the build up of excess oil! This will also help to make sure your pores don’t clog up.

Which of these oily face causes are you prone to? Let us know in the comments below!

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