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7 Of The Best Muffin Recipes Ever

7 Of The Best Muffin Recipes Ever

7 Of The Best Muffin Recipes Ever

Whether or not you’re craving some of the best muffins recipes out there or just wanting to bake something new, here are some of the best muffin recipes for you to try! I can guarantee that you will find at least one muffin recipe here you will bake and love!

1. Basic Banana Muffins

I love me some good banana cake and these muffins are such a great substitute! You can add variations to match your style like chocolate chips, or maybe even sultanas, (that’s my favourite!) Bananas are delicious and packed with amazing vitamins and nutrients to help keep you full and satisfied whilst also tasting amazing!

Check out some awesome muffin recipes here!

7 Of The Best Muffin Recipes Ever

2. The “I’m Not Sure” Muffin

I have so many baking days where I don’t know what I feel like. I love muffins but I don’t know what kind I feel like. This recipe is amazing for those days where I just don’t know what I feel like eating. Chocolate? Strawberry? who knows.

Sally’s Baking Addiction has an amazing basic recipe to give you an amazing tasting muffin with alternative variations depending on your mood. Go check out her awesome muffin recipes!

3. Blueberry Muffins

Blueberry muffin’s I find are so good for both winter and summer. They have a tang but also a sweetness to them which makes them great for different seasons. They are also packed with vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and an absolutely amazing taste! Who doesn’t love blueberries?

These quick and easy muffin recipes are amazing and defiantly worth a try!

4. Moist Apple Muffins

If I ever eat an apple muffin, it must have two things. It must be moist, and it must have chunky apple cubes to fulfil the demands of my tastebuds, (these demands are very high). These magically moist muffin recipes are to die for. I personally like to cut my apple chunks thicker to make it more sweet and flavourful for my tastebuds!

You can also substitute this for nectarines or peaches if you’re feeling fun! Even add both for more flavour.

5. Basic Healthy Muffins

These muffins are amazing! Both nutritious and delicious (like most of the other muffin recipes above) but better if that’s even possible. Packed with nutrients and flavour, fit foodie finds has amazingly healthy muffin recipes that will surely make your tastebuds explode with happiness and joy.

I love eating these before a cardio workout to help boost my energy levels and allow me to be more energetic.

7 Of The Best Muffin Recipes Ever

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6. Coffee Cake Muffins

These muffins are sweet and absolutely delicious. Soft when you bite into them and packed with flavour to make you salivate at the taste. Trust me, I have. The nice crumbly topping on top helps with both the flavour but also the texture your mouth will experience in your mouth.

As the website insinuates, they are damn delicious and worth every bit of your baking time. I recommend adding things like nuts to help with the texture or maybe even frozen fruit to create a softer texture that will also allow for more flavour to your muffin!

7. Strawberry Muffins

I absolutely love strawberries and when they are in season, I will eat as many as you can throw at me. If you want good strawberry muffin recipes, then take a look at once upon a chef and be prepared to be amazed! Simply delicious and trust me, you won’t stop at just one.

7 Of The Best Muffin Recipes Ever


I love finding a good muffin recipe! Let me know below what your favourite muffin recipes are and if you ended up trying any of the above recipes!

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