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Nottingham Trent University Accommodations Ranked Best To Worst

Nottingham Trent University Accommodations Ranked Best To Worst

Nottingham Trent University has many accomidations for its students, and we've ranked all of them from best to worst! Here they are!

University halls are often associated with prison cells and psychiatric wards due to their dilapidated interior and confined spaces. However, as time has progressed we’re seeing more modernised and ‘teen friendly’ rooms rise in a surge of popularity but price as well. Here are the rankings of Nottingham Trent University student halls from basic to bliss.

1. The Maltings

Ranking at bottom of the list, therefore essentially the worst accommodation that Trent has to offer, is The Maltings. Coming out as cheapest at just £4,284 for the year it is no surprise that this construction has hit the bottom of the pile. Though still costing a sum of £97 a week which is a struggle for any student, unfortunately it hasn’t made the cut for a top spot. Situated outside of the city site with quite the significant bus journey of 15-20 minutes, it is not the most ideal for a student looking to live the city life that they have longed for (or those night owls that seek the dreamy lie in you get doing your studies on your doorstep). On the other hand though, it is your standard ‘student digs’ and perfect for those on a strict budget, so don’t let its exhausted interior put you off (or the curtains). It’s nothing you can’t fix with a few photographs.

2. Meridian Court

The Maltings is shortly followed by the Meridian Court complex. Narrowly avoiding last place, this framework takes the edge off the previous offer due to its closer distance to the city (though similarly still being a short bus journey away) and more exciting and energetic common room. It may be lacking plastered walls resulting in it displaying the brickwork beneath, but it offers space for a more decorative environment to make this your home away from home. With a shared bathroom however, like what The Maltings offers, it’s not the ideal private property that many youths have in mind.


3. Hampden Court

As a much more central location, yet still within a relatively low budget, Hamden court is ideal for those of whom seek a social city life being only a short walk away from a bustling city and lectures too! It offers the essentials (even if they are relatively basic) from a dining table to your desk and drawers. At £110 per week for such a central location it is ideal for those of you planning on staying out of your overdraft.


4. Sandby

Offering a more spacious and stylish room at an increased price of £5,650 for the year is the centralised Sandy complex. With a more modern feel to it and its cracking location there’s no wonder it’s risen above the previous dorms. Still at a relatively budgeted price, this takes the edge over the previous ones as it gives you your own private space due to every room having an ensuite. If you are concerned about the price however, for £10 a week less you can have the budgeted en suite room that’s really not far off the real thing!

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5. Gill Street 

Sticking with the centre now as quite frankly, you can’t beat having everything on your doorstep, we have the Gill Street Halls of residence. Housing two different accommodations with a varying price between them, both sell out extremely quickly and seem to be a hit with the freshers. Gill Street North can be slightly cheaper depending on what you are looking for. From a large studio ensuite to a shared flat ,it’s has many options will tick the box of any first year student looking to start at the university. With a more modernised interior, Gill Street South offers a standard studio ensuite for the hefty sum of £155 per week. Though it is quite the expense, it’s homely feel and bright walls and furniture, it makes the grotty uni rooms appear cleaner and more pristine. Definitely a recommendation if your budget can stretch that far.

6. Byron


Last but certainly not least, taking top spot on the rankings of Nottingham Trents halls of residence is Byron. Being a high rise building, providing you choose a good floor, you can get the views as well as all the other great things that come with living in this complex. With large kitchens to accommodate your weekly roasts with your flat mates to even getting a double bed for those of you with  a deeper pocket it comes with everything a fresher could dream of. For those of you who are hard party goers, all you have to do is pop downstairs to the student union and you’re in dreamland, you even get free entry if you’re on the lower floors so its really an offer that can’t be refused!!

What’s your ranking of the accommodations at Nottingham Trent University? Tell us in the comments!
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