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10 Nights Out in Manchester from Best to Worst

10 Nights Out in Manchester from Best to Worst

10 Nights Out in Manchester from Best to Worst
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Manchester is famed for its nightlife, even the worst nights in Manchester are still universally appreciated and enjoyed. If you’re looking for a club in the city or drinks in Fallowfield then look no further as here is a definitive list of the Best nights out in Manchester to the Worst nights out in Manchester.

  1. Hidden

Hidden is hidden. It’s a night out famed for the mystery, located outside of the city centre it’s a nightclub that is taking steps to help us get over the loss of Antwerp Mansion. The raves and rumbles held here are growing in popularity and ticket sales are rocketing so much that even getting one is sometimes mystical. If you’re looking for a secretive and mysterious night, then try and find it at Hidden.

  1. Factory

Factory is a club for the ages. It was opened in the building we know today in 2010. It pays homage to Factory Records by being in the same building as the original head office of the record label of the same name. The club itself remembers this past by still having an indie and cheese floor among the drum and bass and chart toppers. The queue is often very long and the drinks inside are expensive, but the club now has an out of focus photo booth for those fuzzy Factory memories. Mondays and Thursdays are the nights to go and have a good old boogie and it is worth the wait.

10 Nights Out in Manchester from Best to Worst

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  1. 42s

Indie, indie and more indie. If you’re looking for a classically Manchester night, then look no further than the corner of Bootle Street. This club has murals of Morrissey painted on the walls and everybody’s signatures littering the bathroom walls. It’s another cheap and dirty night but its one where you can sing your heart out and walk through a light tunnel.



  1. Font

Font is cheap. It’s easy. It’s Fallowfield. If you’re maybe not looking for a club night, then head down to Font. They have cocktails from £2.50 and amazing events throughout the week. With 2-for-1 offers on Monday and Fontum Quizzics (their pub style quiz) on Tuesdays. However, due to licensing restrictions currently happening in Manchester, Font currently stops serving at 11pm rather than the more convenient 1am. The space is also used for private parties and beer tasting events. Mostly it’s a great night out on a budget when you just want some easy music and a squishy sofa to call your own.



  1. Dog Bowl Bowling

Bowling and drinking in a cool environment is a very student night. At Dog Bowl if you get a student dog tag, their promotional card, you can enjoy half price bowling, drinks offers and free pool. This night out is simple, inexpensive and chilled out. Maybe you could use it for pre drinking or as afters, the alleys are open until 1am. So if you’re in the mood for some midnight bowling, Dog Bowl is the place to be.


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  1. Bandeoke

Bandeoke is held at 256 but I count this night as a separate event because in my experience Bandeoke is a lot more fun. Who can say no to karaoke? No one! And it’s made even better by having a live band backing the singers.  This night, every Wednesday, gets the crowds and drinks flowing and every has a great night singing along and sometimes dancing. The night is helped along by the pool tables in the back of the room which are cheap to use and usually at least one (of seven) is unoccupied.



  1. 256

256 is a bar turn club, so does boast of free entry and some pretty good drink deals, such as £3 cocktails and £2.10 pints. However, their idea of a 90s night is just tragically not 90s whilst their un-themed nights are just a re-hash of the top charts remixed and replayed. As somewhere to pre, 256 is decently priced and loud, but not for the whole evening.


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  1. Fifth

Fifth nightclub was voted by the Tab as the worst night out in the country in 2015. However, it does have some merits including 90s night, which is not one to be missed for a cheap and dirty night. With only 90p entry and 90p shots and vodka mixers, a tenner is all you need for a night out in the city centre. The music is 90s classics from The Fresh Prince of Belair to closing the night with Angels by Robbie Williams. It’s a night of asking why you’re sticky and laughing.


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  1. Birdcage

Birdcage is a club that you go to by accident. They offer student nights but there is still the £5 entry fee and lack of drink deals. This club caters to hen dos and anybody interested in watching a cabaret night in a small club. However, Birdcage does also have a stripper pole if you’ve got some strong leg muscles and a willingness to dance, as well as a free bottle of champagne on your birthday.



  1. Tiger Tiger

Tiger Tiger is probably the worst club for students in Manchester. As a Fresher you’re told to buy a wristband where most of the events are at Tiger Tiger. I bought said wristband, had a few terrible nights out in the club and have never been back. It is an expensive club with drink deals that don’t benefit students and plays a strange mix of music. Not a club for a young and fun night out.



RIP to Antwerp and Sound Control

Currently Manchester is undergoing a revision of nightlife activities. This has meant that many curfews and licenses have been changed and also means that his year we’ve lost not only Sound Control, a fantastic gig spot and night out. But also Antwerp Mansion, the king of nights out. If they were still standing (literally in the case of Sound Control) they would certainly have made this list as some of the best Manchester nights out.  Manchester is made at night.

Tell us about one of your nights out in Manchester?! Where have you have the most fun – let us know down below!
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