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Your Guide To The Ultimate Night Out In Liverpool

Your Guide To The Ultimate Night Out In Liverpool

If you are getting ready to travel to Liverpool, check out this guide to the ultimate night out in Liverpool! There is a spot for every night of the week!

Heading to university in Liverpool? or even just looking for a great city break with amazing nightlife, then Liverpool is the best place for you! There are some great bars and clubs that cater to everyone and the best part is they are pretty much all in walking distance, unless you decide to wear heels of course. Most nights in Liverpool are busy so you have plenty of events to choose from whether you want a quiet night (which are never usually quiet) or want to go all out, there are plenty of places to go. So here is your guide to the ultimate night out in Liverpool:

1. Monday

Block Party at Brooklyn Mixer which is on one of the main party streets, Seel Street where the guest list is free and the drinks are extra cheap. This club has three floors playing Hip-hop, R&B, Urban, grime, and house  music with the odd few classics thrown in. It also has an outside terrace which is great in the summer for a bit of fresh air and space from the usually packed club. On their website it says they are open till late which in my experience is usually 3am. So, your ultimate night out in Liverpool can also turn into an ultimate morning out!

Mad Mondays at The Blue Angel Nightclub Aka “The Raz” may be one of Liverpool’s oldest clubs but it is still very popular with the locals and students. The Raz may not be the most glamorous of clubs but you will forget all about the sticky floor when have a few rounds of £1 raz bombs, followed by their specialty Fat Frog drink, which is bright green (don’t let the colour put you off, they are still disgusting). To remember your time dancing to S Club 7 and Tina Turner, treat yourself to a raz cap as a souvenir, because if you didn’t get a raz cap did you even go?


2. Tuesday

Juicy Tuesdays at The Shipping Forecast is a Hip hop and  R&B event with extremely cheap drinks. It is £3 to get on the guestlist, and my advice is to pay that bit extra to skip the queue because after all it is a student night so it is bound to be packed and you should try and grab a chair as a rest spot after all that dancing to Beyonce and TLC.

Popworld, the home of the cheesy classics and cardboard cutouts of the spice girls is the perfect place to go on a Tuesday night as it has two for one cocktails all night, which means up until 4am. It is also free to get in the club if you go before 10:30pm, where you can start your night off with a sex on the beach dancing to classics like Barbie Girl, what more could you ask for? I am sure people will tell you they had their best night out in Liverpool here!

3. Wednesday

The best way to get over hump day is with Two for one  cocktails at Revolution on the Albert Dock. In the summer I would advise to go early as you can sit outside with a lovely view of the docks whilst trying out all the unique and tasty cocktails on the menu. Just a tip, maybe if you do decide to try out the majority of the drinks menu you should also look at the food menu, which is also equal as tasty! Yes i know eating is cheating, but if you think about it the more you eat,  then the more you can drink. This may just be the spot where you have the best night out in Liverpool!


If you are looking for a more hardcore night out head to Love Level Wednesdays at Level Nightclub, the most popular student night where everyone is welcome. There is a floor for everyone with three floors and six rooms to choose from with a variety of music genres across all floors including: Hip Hop, R&B, Pop, House music, Rock and the classics. The only downside is the massive queue, so try to get on the guest list because you don’t want to spend half your night queuing, although from previous experience the wait can actually be very entertaining with some of the sights you see.

4. Thursday

One of the best nights in Liverpool comes out to play on Thursdays, Bongos Bingo, which is Bingo with a twist, where you can expect your hosts to be dressed up as an array of characters, and the barmy bingo Jonny Bongo calls out legs eleven and Irish 33 in his extremely strong Irish accent, which are usually followed by dance breaks with bingo players dancing on the tables waiting to see if they have won any prizes. The prizes range from blow up dolls to alcohol and sometimes ALOT of cash. No wonder it is the most popular event in Liverpool, so popular they put on shows from Thursday to Sunday and they are still booked up, so if you want a ticket you need to get them at least a month in advance, but it is so worth it for a guaranteed great night out in Liverpool.


Bongos usually finishes around 12 and if you don’t want to end your night there head to Quids In at Heebie Jeebies on Seel Street where you are guaranteed to get extremely drunk, dance if you have the room, and sweat ALOT. It has three floors: the tech-y basement, Hip-hop on the main floor and the indie loft and terrace, so take your pick and make sure to bring some ID, as they have a scanner so it does not matter how old you are you must be scanned in to get your quids in.

5. Friday

The home of Bongos, Camp and Furnace hosts Friday night Furnace every Friday with free entry from 7pm until late. Various bands, DJ’s and performers entertain every week with Piano Wars as one of the main highlights. Piano wars involves two talented pianists going head to head playing a requested song on embellished pianos with neon lights and lasers for a completely unique performance. The event also has a variety of bars including cocktails, gin, and it is also half price for prosecco and pints from 7-8pm so make sure to get their early. Some added extra include a UV silent disco, so you can sing to your heart’s content and no one can hear you, although that obviously defeats the concept of the silent disco, but who cares. If that is not enough for you they also have a glitter stall, now surely nothing else can top that.  This could definitely be your best night out in Liverpool!

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If you are not ready to call it a night then head to Birdies Bar and BBQ which is part of the wild mini golf experience ghetto golf, which is another great place to visit. Birdies Bar and BBQ is usually open until 2am but sometime stays open later when no one wants to leave. If you haven’t guessed already it is a bird-themed bar with specialised cocktails such as the Liver Bird and Birdie’s special brew, and they also serve sharing drinks for up to six people in birdcages, treasure chests and other various contraptions.  or even head down to seel street. This cocktail garden is perfect for when it gets warmer, as it is an open space covered in flowers and plants giving the natural and organic feel the owners intended.

6. Saturday

Bar Bodega, a small cellar-style bar with a chilled atmosphere and an amazing array of drinks including the unique cocktails and chocolate shots, which you have to try! It also has a perfectly chilled playlist, mostly playing the best R&B classics, so with the best music and atmosphere you can sing your heart out to Destiny’s without any judgements.

Save the best until last and head to Red Door on Berry Street, as it is one of the best places to go on a Saturday night with a mixture of all your favourite R&B, house music, pop and hip hop. It also has an outside terrace which has recently been transformed in to a tiki bar with bartenders serving drinks in American-style red cups you will forget you are in Liverpool. It does get packed on the weekends so try get there early to avoid the queue, you won’t miss it, it’s the one with the Red Door.


7. Sunday

Jenny’s Bar is one of Liverpool’s hidden gems, a speakeasy-style bar disguised as a Seafood restaurant. On a Sunday night it is more of a chilled vibe with a great DJ usually playing disco classic. If you get there early you can bag yourself a spot on the red velvet couches where the bartenders give you table service offering some of the best cocktails in Liverpool from their fresh Strawberry Fizz to their disco ball cocktail Absolute Disco there is something for everyone, and they are always coming up with new cocktails ideas which you may be lucky enough to taste.

Neighbourhood is an upscale bar and restaurant on Castle Street, where the food and drink is amazing but arguably overpriced. But on the weekends at Neighbourhood they add a bit of extra to the bar with some of the best DJ’s in the city playing every week alongside the amazing saxophone players, overall making it the perfect entertainment and the best night out in Liverpool.

Let us know what you think of your guide to the ultimate night out in Liverpool in the comments below.

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