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5 Night Clubs In Manchester You Need To Visit

5 Night Clubs In Manchester You Need To Visit

5 Night Clubs In Manchester You Need To Visit

We all get a little bit bored of going to the same nightclubs, am I right? You want to go to another city and experience what a night out is like there. However, you don’t know where to go, where you’ll get in and you’ll put it to the back of your mind and say, “i’ll do it another weekend.” Well, that weekend is coming and here are 5 nightclubs in Manchester you need to visit!

1. 42nd Street

If you love indie music then you’ll definitely want to visit 42s. Not just the music but the vibe of the club will make you feel like you’re in an Arctic Monkey’s video and you won’t want to leave. With a neon tunnel welcoming you to the Courteners soundtrack you will instanly feel like you’re home. Not only that, but they also do events on Thursday where all drinks are £1.50! What are you waiting for… your not 19 forever.

2. Factory

We all want to be able to go out and hear multiple genres of music, well at Factory 101 you get just that and more. With three floors filled with your favourite artist’s soundtrack you get a mix of pop, indie and drum and bass. With every floor you will feel like you’re walking into another club. With that in mind though, just make sure you get there early especially on a Thursday as it is quids in. On any night however, the queue is always huge.


3. Gay Village

If there’s any place where you can let your hair down… no literally, the drag queens always leave their wigs laying around. Then, it is Manchester’s Gay village. Not only does it have more than 10 clubs but, it has it very own village surrounding it and with all the decorating everyone will always make you feel welcome. From Ariana Grande to well, Ariana Grande you will definitely get your gay on! From over 10 bars/clubs you’re guaranteed to have a good night and there’s always events on to make sure you have a night you won’t forget.

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4. Deansgate Locks

One of the most popular places for a night out in Manchester is Deansgate Locks and it’s mainly popular for people who visit as the dress code is very formal. Unlike some clubs in Manchester the dress code is very strict as you can’t wear hoodies, trainers etc. Most of us Mancs just like to go out in jeans and shirt with some trainers on. However, who doesn’t like a night where you can buy that perfect dress. With Rap and R&B music you are sure to enjoy yourself at Deansgate, just make sure you bring the cash because you will be spending a lot.


5. Northern Quarter

In Manchester we love to try new things and sometimes just like to have a chilled night out. The Northern Quarter clubs and bars are perfect for that especially as it’s a classic comfortable dress code where you can feel right at home. The Northern Quarter is perfect for meeting your friends for a few drinks and if it turns to you wanting a boogie then you aren’t far from another club that will play more upbeat alternative music.

Let’s face it, wherever you go you’re going to have a good night because there’s alcohol involved. However, with any of these nightclubs you’re going to have a thrilling night, not just because of the music but mostly because of the atmosphere and each place is very different and has its own history and is very special in their own way. Let me know in the comments if you have visited any of thee nightclubs or if you’re going to…
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