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15 New Years Eve Decorations That Will Make Your Party A Blast

15 New Years Eve Decorations That Will Make Your Party A Blast

These New Years Eve decorations are going to look perfect at your next New Years Eve party! Here are our top picks for you!

Autumn is here, there’s only really 3 months left of the year, and it’t time you started planning that epic New Years Eve party you’ve always wanted. As always we’re here to help, we’ve gathered some of the best New Years Eve decorations and popped them all down here in a handy little list for you!

1. New Years invitations

Let’s start simple. Yes you could just make a Facebook event, but doesn’t it just feel a bit more special to send out invitations instead? This is one of our favorite New Years Eve decorations!


2. Rose Gold Confetti Cannon

Party poppers are out, confetti cannons are in. It’s rose gold confetti for Gods’ sake, could it get much better?

3. Elegant Clear Plastic Champagne Flutes

No one wants to be cleaning up smashed glass every 5 minutes, so why not get some plastic champagne flutes? But not just bog basic ones, go for some that still have some class. This is one of the New Years Eve decorations we love!


4. Gold happy new year balloon bunting

Set these balloons up with a good glitter backdrop in a place with decent lighting and you’ve got yourself the best selfie spot for some Insta-worthy posts!


5. Glitz And Glam Let’s Party Balloons

Speaking of balloons, these glitzy black and gold ones are so fab, why wouldn’t you want them?

6. Art Deco Gold Glass Bar Trolley

No party is complete without a bar cart, it’s just a fact. Plus once the party’s over, this will make the most aesthetically pleasing addition to your house.


7. Goodbye 2018 Stacking Decanter

What better to go on your new swanky bar cart than this personalised stacking decanter?

8. 2019 number foil balloons

You might think I’m going overboard on the balloons, but I’m really not. there’s no such thing as ‘too many’ balloons.


9. New Year Photo Booth Props

It may be a little bit cheesy, but a Photo Booth area is the highlight of any drunk persons night at a party. To be fair, it leads to some pretty hilarious pictures to look at the next day.

10. Gold Fringe Curtain

Pair the props above with this as a backdrop and you’ve got yourself a good ‘Photo Booth’ area without having to hire one!


11. Pop Fizz Clink cupcake toppers

Serving cupcakes at a party is pretty good, but serving them with matching themed toppers? even better.

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12. Gold Star Shaped Hanging Fan Decorations

These gold star decorations are so fabulously Art Deco, they’ll add a nice touch of 60s luxe style to say party.


13. Black and gold party straws

These straws are cute af and they’re paper not plastic, what more could you want?

14. Blush Hexagonal Gold Stripe Plates

Paper plates don’t have to be boring, as proved by these extremely aesthetically pleasing hexagonal plates.


15. Metallic New Years Candy Stickers

No party is complete without party favours! Buy some generic candy and stick these on to liven them up! This is one of the best New Years Eve decorations!

What would you recommend for a good party? leave your suggestions in the comments below!
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