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New Swimsuit Trends Of 2019 You Should Know

New Swimsuit Trends Of 2019 You Should Know

Summer is coming faster than you think! Swimwear is essential to your wardrobe, and not only a water resistant piece of tissue that covers your private parts … Yay! Swimsuit trends are evolving quickly, and it is hard to keep track of what is fashionable or a real fashion faux-pas.
So, if you don’t know which swimsuit to wear and want to be trendy this summer on the beach, this article is for you!
Here is a recap’  of all the new swimsuit trends of 2019  as seen on the fashion shows of our favourite capital cities.

1. Ooze Colours !

This season, yellow is a power colour. Shining bight and reminding you of sunshine, yellow is an exotic and warm colour that will be omnipresent on the beach this summer. Bright colours such as vivid green, citrus yellow, orange, and pastel pink, baby blue are very trendy, so don’t be shy!


2. Go Retro!

For a few years now, vintage has become fashionable. The 70s, 80s, 90s are in full swing! Why not put your cat eye sunglasses, a sliky scarf around your neck, and your swimsuit? One of the characteristics of a retro swimsuit is a high waisted bottom which accentuates your waist. You can also opt for the belted swimsuit. Or metallic colours that will remind you of Saturday Night Fever! These will especially be in vogue this summer. The Nina belted ribbed stretched-knit swimsuit by Solid&Striped is already sold out on the main websites!

3. Try Animal Prints

Very sexy, the animal print is an absolutely must have this summer. Better to choose a two piece swimsuit that will compliment your figure and a triangle shaped top. Choose the snake or the leopard print and strut it like Kate Moss.


4. Love The One Piece

The one piece suit is a classic, and this summer it makes a real comeback. Ooze some elegance and be chic. Why not wear a beautiful white ribbed one piece suit and make a statement? This season, it is reinvented and can be found in different styles: belted,  colourful, retro, sporty…


5. Pick The Frills

Cute and feminine, the frills and knots add some lightness and sophistication to your beach wear. If you want to shake things up a little bit and are tired of wearing the same swimsuit every summer, or the same style, the frills will add this little je ne sais quoi  to make the difference.


 6. Cover Your Swimsuit

You can compliment your swimsuit and give your skin some rest from the sun rays by wearing some beach wear. Cover your trendy swimsuit with a transparent black chiffon kimono or dress. Remember: it can be really practical if you want to go and buy some food!

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 7. The Sporty Look

This swimsuit trend has been launched by brands such as Adidas, Puma and else. The sporty look is very actual in the city – the mix maxi dress, sneaker is a standard now for instance- and at the beach too. So, if you feel comfortable in that style and don’t want to readjust your suit every five to ten seconds, you can choose a sporty type of swimwear and you won’t be disappointed.


 8. Stripes

Stripes, polka dots give you a vintage vibe that is flattering to anyone. A red polka dot swimsuit reminds you of pinups posing for photographers in the 1950s. Stripes are inspired by the maritime world and makes you think of the iconic and timeless French look – Coco Chanel in Deauville, Petit Bateau T-shirts. This bikini or one piece swimsuit will be a great addition to your wardrobe.


Which Swimsuit Would You Wear This Summer? Let Us Know In The Comments Section Below!

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