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5 New Makeup Brands We Can Already Tell We Love

5 New Makeup Brands We Can Already Tell We Love

Are you looking for new makeup brands that have recently launched? Take a look at these new cosmetics lines that are breaking ground in the industry with amazing products!

The evolution of makeup is continuing to grow; capturing everyone by their ankles like sinking sand, or a black hole we just can’t escape from – but we’re not mad about it. As our social media feeds, our conversations and every billboard around us are captivating us with our most beloved make-up brands, 2018 has seriously upped their game by giving us fresh, new make-up brands we just can’t wait to bite our teeth into! Here are 5 new makeup brands we are ready to give the centre stage too…

Iconic London

Trendy new make-up brand Iconic London has graced the faces of the Kardashian-fam, making everyone and their gran’s wanting to get their hands on their notorious lit-from-within face illuminating drops. The brand was set up in 2015 by Jade Elliot from the comfort of her bedroom, in aid to empower the “uber stylish 21st century women”, and my-oh-my are they doing just that. This Instagram craze make-up brand is loved my many; from the likes of Vogue, some of the UK’s best beauty bloggers and many famous faces. Offering a plethora of products from highlighters, palettes, brushes and lipsticks – which are all cruelty-free – this is one of the new makeup brands that seems to be taking the world of beauty by storm and we are loving it!



Into The Gloss’s Emily Weiss is now the founder and CEO of the cult US brand Glossier. Having racked in numerous beauty awards, devoting fans and glossier-crazy-lover’s, it has now (contain your excitement) launched in the UK! With some of their best-selling Boy Brow, Cloud Paint blush and Milky Jelly Cleanser it isn’t a secret how in love we are with them all, and you should be too. Although their make-up products are the bomb, Glossier’s core lies within skincare and what the consumer wants. “It has historically been an industry based on experts telling you” – Weiss prides herself in creating a brand for the customer by the customer, which is why we are going crazy over Glossier and their company’s integrity. This is one of our favourite new makeup brands out there.

P. Louise Beauty 

If you haven’t heard of the Instagram make-up queen herself, Paige Louise aka P.Louise, where have you been? Having a large following (400,000 to be exact!) on her Instagram account, she founded P.Louise in 2014, opening her own beauty academy which has expanded drastically throughout the years. Offering makeup application, courses, hair services and training she has conquered this competitive makeup industry by bringing out her own makeup like. Her palette contains 12 shades that are silky smooth and easily blendable. The vibrant pigment allows us to create the perfect smokey eyes, pop of colours and day-to-night ‘wow’ we can’t not love. But the excitement doesn’t end there, the website has recently announced five new beauty products launching this spring! Eeeeek, this girl isn’t letting anything get in her way and we love her for it.


Fenty Beauty

Rihanna’s makeup brand, Fenty Beauty, launched in late 2017 sending the world into mayhem! Her new line was the hottest news of the year and we just cannot get enough of the trend setting products making us shine bright like a diamond…the line advertised as ‘Beauty for All’ caters for a broad variety of skin tones and genders being named as the ‘best invention of 2017’ by the Times. This bad ass gal not only has an insane vocal talent, Instagram goal posts, trend setting fashion hypes, a demeanor we just can’t get enough of and now a worldly loved makeup brand! What can’t this girl boss excel in? Her Pro Filt’r primer gives a retouched appearance and is loved by everyone who tries it. Her Killawatt highlighter gives us a look of liquid gold, not only making us look super expensive but that trendy gal we all envy! If you are yet to try her makeup line, head to your nearest Harvey Nichols to get an up-close look at her out-of-this-world items…but be careful, you may leave with an empty wallet and a whole new make-up collection.

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C.Y.O Cosmetics

For us girls on a budget, don’t you worry! C.Y.O Cosmetics prides itself for it’s insanely versatile products for the creative makeup lover,  offering a full range of lip products, eye shadows and a full face concoction. The long-lasting foundation is a medium coverage with the goodness of Vitamin E to help nourish and moisturise our skin. What more could we ask for from new makeup brands? Oh wait, it’s also very affordable. Win win! 

Which of these new makeup brands are you going to try? Let us know in the comments below!

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