10 New Artists You Need To Be Listening To This Year

In 2019 there are so many new artists who are releasing new music and slowly growing in popularity, so why not give them a listen?

There’s nothing better than finding new artists that you love listening to. In 2019 there are so many new artists who are releasing new music and slowly growing in popularity, so why not give them a listen? Ranging from R&B to chill and hip hop, you’re bound to find an artist that you love as soon as you press play. You can thank me later.

1. Role Model

Releasing a four-song EP called Arizona In The Summer, Role Model is known for his laid back tones with catchy melodies. Starting his music career with rapping, he slowly made the switch to pop in early 2018. His DIY style makes his music incredibly unique and personal to Role Model’s life in Portland, Maine. Songs “i don’t really like u” and “not a fan” are his two most popular songs, and after giving them a listen you’ll know why. Slowly growing in 2018, it seems like 2019 will be even bigger for Role Model.

2. Girl In Red

19-year-old Norwegian artist Marie Ulven is part of the new ‘bedroom pop’ genre that’s slowly growing in popularity. Writing dreamy and relatable lyrics in her small bedroom studio, songs about relationships or summer depression are common for Girl In Red. I’ll be surprised if you’ve never heard of Girl In Red yet; she opened for Clairo in Paris and will be touring the US with Conan Gray this year.


3. Dijon

Releasing five singles in 2018, Dijon’s sound is known for his organic and personal style, with guitar and vocal-centric songs creating an intimate feel. Inspired by traditional American folk music, Dijon brings a modern addition to the classic genre. Releasing multiple songs so far in 2019, it seems that Dijon is slowly building towards creating a full-length album for some time in the near future.

4. Slow Pulp

Chicago-based rock band Slow Pulp is definitely not your average rock band. Unpredictably changing genres and adding unique guitar melodies or psychedelic elements, you’ll experience a plethora of different genres in just one song. Recently releasing a four-song EP and with plans to tour, keep your eyes on Slow Pulp for all your alternative rock needs.

5. Inner Wave

From Inglewood in California, Inner Wave is a fast-rising Chicano band who debuted in 2018. Endlessly flowing to and from rock to hip-hop and even to Latin inspired beats, it’s clear that Inner Wave is creating something completely new. Planning on releasing a new album this year, this indie-rock band will give add a Latino influence to your playlist.


6. Men I Trust

Men I Trust is not just another indie-pop band. Incorporating groovy bass lines with keyboard and high energy melodies, the candid lyrics are just the icing on the musical cake. Presenting realistic stories of love and nostalgia in their lyrics, Men I Trust have released a few singles before their upcoming album to be released this year.

7. Slow Hollows

Consisting of Jackson Katz, Daniel Fox, Aaron Jassenoff and Austin Anderson (who contributed to Tyler, The Creator’s Flower Boy, and Frank Ocean’s Blonde), Slow Hollow’s evolving sound is just getting better and better. Adding strings, brass and electronic glitches to the traditional indie-rock sound, the dreamy melodies added with the low-pitched vocals create a unique sound.

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8. Wallows

Making their album debut this year, 2019 is just the start of something amazing for Wallows. Wallows create breezy California rock with tints of synthpop and indie. They even collaborate with Clairo. Keep your eyes on Wallows in the future.

9. Mallrat

Hailing from Brisbane, Australia, Mallrat AKA Grace Shaw has quickly risen to fame in the past few years, even opening for Post Malone for his world tour. Exploring the highs and lows of being a teenager, focusing on romance, parties, and trends, Mallrat’s catchy lyrics are always played on top of synthpop melodies.

10. Ruel

17-year-old Australian singer Ruel has risen to success through his touring with Khalid and opening of the 2018 Australian Commonwealth Games. Even Elton John claimed that he had; “the most amazing voice he’s ever heard,” so you do not have an excuse not to give him a listen. His atmospheric vocals and captivating lyrics are taken to the max in his latest single “Painkiller.”


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Feature Image Source: https://www.complex.com/pigeons-and-planes/2019/01/new-artists-2019/role-model