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8 New Albums You Need To Listen To RN

8 New Albums You Need To Listen To RN

8 New Albums You Need To Listen To RN

With so much music out right now, here are our top eight new albums you need to listen to right now. From Bastille to The Jonas Brothers, these albums provide a range of music for all types of music lovers.

1. Happiness Begins – The Jonas Brothers

The Jonas Brothers highly anticipated album ‘Happiness Begins, ‘lives up to expectations. After a six-year wait, they’ve reunited for a new era and lots of new music. With a range of upbeat pop songs and mellow love songs, this album is clearly an expression of their feelings and seems like the most honest album they’ve produced so far. Top songs on this album include ‘Don’t Throw It Away’ and ‘Happy When I’m Sad.’

2. Case Study 01 – Daniel Caesar

The second album from Daniel Caesar, Case Study 01, continues on with his well-known melodic experimentation. Unlike any other music out there, his music keeps that laidback feeling without the lazy songwriting that can sometimes come with it. His mellow voice compliments the songs perfectly and is a must-listen-to. Highlights on this album include the tracks ‘CYANIDE’ and ‘SUPERPOSITION.’


3. Rocketman (Music from the Motion Picture) – Various Artists

This album features songs from Rocketman, the film inspired by the life of Elton John. This album features a range of Elton John’s discography covered by Taron Egerton, as well as a bonus song at the end sung by both Elton and Taron. Taron’s voice alone is enough reason to listen to this album, as he perfectly executes all of Elton’s anthems with grit and emotion. Top tracks from this album include ‘Tiny Dancer’ and ‘Rocketman,’ as they showcase Elton’s talented music and Taron’s powerful voice.

4. Phases EP – PrettyMuch

The second EP from boyband PrettyMuch is a solid collection of songs. With catchy beats, great harmonies and a mix of rap and singing, they’re well on their way to establishing themselves in the pop industry. Highlights on this album include ‘Gone 2 Long’ and ‘Temporary Heart.’

5. Doom Days – Bastille

The third studio album from Bastille, Doom Days, is a fun album filled with incredible tracks. This British band continues to produce great music, and this album is well worth checking out. Top tracks on this album include ‘Quarter Past Midnight’ and ‘Nocturnal Creatures’ which are both powerful, sing-out-loud anthems.

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6. She Is Coming – Miley Cyrus

This compact EP from Miley Cyrus features six different songs from the singer as well as having 3 different collaborations. Each song is vastly different from the next, although they all fit well together within the EP, and is definitely worth listening to. Highlights from this album include the songs ‘Unholy’ and ‘D.R.E.A.M. (feat. Ghostface Killah)’ and an honorary mention has to go out to the track ‘Cattitude (feat. RuPaul).’

7. 7 EP – Lil Nas X

7 EP by Lil Nas X features a mix of hip-hop and country rap songs, increasing his popularity by delivering 7 new tracks. This EP includes a cool collaboration with Cardi B as well as a remix of his well-known song Old Town Road featuring Billy Ray Cyrus. Top tracks from this EP include ‘Panini’ and ‘C7osure (You Like).’


8. Diaspora – Goldlink

The second studio album from American rapper Goldlink features 14 different songs. The rapper has catchy beats present in all his songs, as well as a range of impressive features, including Khalid and Tyler, The Creator. Highlights from this album include ‘Days Like This (feat. Khalid)’ and ‘Tiff Freestyle.’

Which of these new albums will you be listening to? Let us know down below!

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