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Never Buy Clothes Online When You’re Drunk, Here’s Why

Never Buy Clothes Online When You’re Drunk, Here’s Why

Never Buy Clothes Online When You're Drunk, Here's Why

Shopping online has revolutionized the way to buy. Convenient and quick, you can buy whatever you want with a click. Amazing, isn’t it? However, as all the lights of life, it has its dark side. Indeed, not physically going in a shop could let you not realise to actually have spend money. On top of that, in particular when you buy clothes online, it’s not always possible trust quality of materials and size measures. Just talking about clothes, I had a bleak period of my life I was used to shopping online while I was drunk. Guys, don’t follow my path, it’s really dangerous!

Here, I explained some reasons why you should NEVER buy clothes online when you are pissed.

1. In that moment everything seems so beautiful!

Scrolling among dresses, jumpers and T-shirts, you will see everything more appealing than actually it is. Your intoxicating eyes can’t stop watching! Like a druggie, you will pass hours sliding your alienated finger on the screen of your phone. You will be amazed of every item that you come across with. When, finally, you will fall asleep, your card will be tired and empty. Only in the morning, you will be conscious about the horrific purchases done the night before. Damn, I did it again!


Once, I bought a pair of shoes so terrible that I could even never take them off from the box. Who knows which sinister power made me confirm that silly cart! Be carful friends, inebriated from alcohol, you are an easy prey for the obscure grip of a compulsive and dumb online shopping.

2. You think to need them but you really don’t!

Any shopping addicted is a master in making up excuses for buying new clothes. It doesn’t matter how many T-shirts or shorts you have in your wardrobe, there is always a reason to have a new one. Your brain and wallet say no, while your heart is pushing your weak finger to click on “buy now this item”. If when you are sober it needs a great effort to not buy, it will be an impossible challenge in a moment of drunkenness.

So, you will find yourself with a stock of new stripe shirts that not even an H&M shop has a big variety! Or, your wardrobe will be crowded with some dresses that you will never use in your life.


3. It’s really easy mistake your size.

The biggest danger of buy clothes online is surely the size problem. Not having the chance to try them before buying translates, often, into hilarious shopping disasters. On top of that, sometimes pictures and reality have less common features than a Greek summer day with an Icelandic winter evening. If it’s always risky, it will be almost a certainty when you are pissed. Your tipsy brain simply can’t crack size charts! Maybe, you not even try to do this effort, thinking “an M is always the right choice!”.

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The result will be dresses where there is room just for half of your body or shirts so big that you can wear simultaneously with your sister. Not cool!


4. You don’t remember about it.

It’s well known that, often, when you are smashed, you do stupid things without having any memory of them. How many times your friends have helped you to rebuilding, like a puzzle, your night! Wrong words said, humiliating texts send and embarrassing fails: everything that, as soon as you discover to have done, you feel like you want to disappear in the ground. Sadly, the same happens also when you buy clothes online. Buy, buy, buy heaps of clothes and simply forgot!

The only signs of your drunken online adventure will be tons of confirmation emails and a depressing bank balance. For not speaking about the sense of regret which will weigh your soul down for the rest of the day!

Do you have other drunken online shopping experiences you would like to share? Let me know in the comments below!

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