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Netflix UK Vs. US: Which Has The Better Shows?

Netflix UK Vs. US: Which Has The Better Shows?

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The war-mongering question of this generation. Which nation produces the best shows? While both the UK and the US come up with quality content of their own, internationally-produced shows get coveted slots on the Netflix catalogue for each country. Not all catalogues are created equal however and both the UK and the US have distinctions in their plethora of shows, and unless you’re tech-savvy and know some sort of VPN hack, you might be stuck with the shows your Netflix has on offer. While Netflix is currently trying to even out the playing field with their shows, the disparity still poses the question: which country is winning the Netflix UK vs US debate?

Though we’re lucky as it is to have access to Netflix, since some countries like North Korea and China don’t even have access to the Holy Grail of streaming, considering we’re paying at least £5.99 for a month of TV, or scrounging of our best mate’s account, we want to know we’re getting the most for our money.

The Case for the US

We only have to look at the figures to get a general idea of who wins the Netflix UK vs US debate. Netflix itself started in the US, so it’s no surprise it has a lot more titles in it’s directory. Netflix constantly updates its archives, but as of April 2018, UK Netflix had 3616 film titles, and 1436 shows, while the US had 4052 films, and 1580 shows. While that’s not a massive difference, it’s enough to put one of them in the lead.


If you’re travelling from the US to the UK, you might be shocked to find that your favourite shows aren’t even on the agenda anymore. Since the BBC and Channel 4 has broadcasting rights over some shows in the UK, programs like New Girl aren’t available on British Netflix. And Friends wasn’t even on it until 2018!

Some sequels of films are also available in the US. While you can watch the first Ip Man in the UK, the sequel is only available in the US, so you might find your movie marathon cut a bit short.

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The Case for the UK

Some of the best bits of classic British TV only appear on UK Netflix. Iconic British broadcasting like Doctor Who and Friday Night Dinner. If you haven’t heard of the latter, check it out, assuming you’re in the UK. It features Simon Bird from the Inbetweeners and it is HILARIOUS. These fab shows which hold a special place in our heart might be something we can’t go without. If that’s the case, maybe UK Netflix wins it for you.

Who’s the Winner?

In my opinion, I think the Americans have the upper hand with Netflix. Thankfully there’s a whole range of platforms on which to watch your faves! So don’t be disheartened whichever country you happen to live in!!

What do you think about the Netflix UK vs US debate? Let us know in the comments section below!

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